Double Standards – Clintons vs Military Members

The obvious double standards in our justice system – one set for the Clintons, one set for the regular folks – are hopefully going to run full circle soon. But there are men who are either in prison or headed there for similar violations as Hillary has committed.


The Clinton Defense

October 31 on Fox and Friends, Kathleen Saucier, the mother of one of those men, appeared and asked the question that many of us ask- why was her son put in prison while Hillary walks? He had classified documents on a private email server, too. Navy Sailor Kristian Saucier, a submariner, had classified photos of the submarine on his computer.

The difference is that there is no evidence to suggest that he ever transmitted them to anyone. He is in prison.

Jason Brezler– The appeals trial regarding the discharge of this Marine Corps Major began on October 14, 2016.

Background: After his last tour in Afghanistan, Jason learned that his old unit invited Sarwar Jan, an Afghan known to be corrupt, to the base. He had succeeded in getting the man banned from the base while he was there.

In an attempt to warn them, he uploaded the document he had on his computer to keep them from being killed.

But of course, they ignored the email at the base in Afghanistan. Seventeen days later, Sarwar Jan brought a boy that he was using for sex onto the base. That boy shot to death 3 Marines and wounded another. Had they heeded Jason’s email, they might have prevented it.

Brezler was discharged from the Marine Corps for sending classified (by then unclassified) information to the military on the other end. Though he was not charged criminally, his career came to an abrupt end. The trial is in reference to his appeal, an effort to reverse the Marine Corps decision.

In Saucier’s case, his attorney attempted to use the Clinton situation to get his client a break. It didn’t work. Yet Clinton’s breach of trust is far more egregious than either of the two men above.

Lying about the Stuxnet Leak

Retired 4 star Marine General James Cartwright, (once called Obama’s Favorite General), was charged on October 17 with providing false information in an investigation. When he retired, he signed numerous documents against revealing anything of a classified nature.

General Cartwright was previously the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The investigation stemmed from leaking classified information about the covert Israeli/US activity surrounding the Stuxnet virus to two reporters, one from the New York Times and one from Newsweek. The General told investigators in 2012 that he did not leak any classified information.

But the NYT reporter, David Sanger, placed information in a book he wrote in 2012, information he had to have received from the General.

On October 18, the General admitted he leaked the information. In a plea agreement, he may face only 6 months in prison. The standard is 5 years. His sentencing hearing is set for January 17, 2017.

This release of information was far more dangerous to American and even Israeli interests than those of the other two men.

General James E Cartwright

Letting Hillary go free

So, once again, we have someone covering their actions by lying and is now facing at least a short prison time. Hillary’s lies over and over again have been ignored and she’s still walking around.

If the United States is going to be a “nation of laws,” then the prosecution of someone like Hillary Clinton is imperative. Otherwise we are just one move away from becoming a Stalinist regime.

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