Don’t Let Liberal Media Memory-Hole Biden’s ‘Very Fine People On Both Sides’ Moment (Video)

The only 2024 candidate guilty of pandering to bigots is Joe Biden himself

Fittingly, Joe Biden launched his 2020 campaign with a lie, and the media gave him cover. He has often repeated that same lie — and now? Now, that same lie has boomeranged back at him.

The lie he loves to tell is the one about Donald Trump siding with the ‘Jews will not replace us’ tiki-torch marchers at Charlottesville.

We’ve debunked the Charlottesville Hoax lie time and time again, but because the media refuses to shame him for his obvious lie, he keeps running with it. (Perhaps, if the truth were on his side, he would have no need to rely on such lies.)

Even Jim Acosta, before the ‘very fine people hoax’ talking points were issued by whichever Democrat operative orchestrates their groupthink, made it clear that Trump, who he hated explicitly denounced white supremacists:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

He should know, he was the one who asked the question, and he heard Trump’s answer in context… which is all the fact-checking this screwball story ever needed. But when you lift it out of the context in which he denounces racism, it sounds like he’s making a different point than the one he actually made.

Rule #4 from Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ comes into play in this situation:

4. “Make the ene­my live up to its own book of rules.”

Biden and his media flunkies have made it a disqualifying moral offence to say anything in support of racial bigots who don’t like Jewish people.

In the Charlottesville, the racial bigots Trump was (wrongly) accused of supporting were marching with Tiki Torches and saying that ‘Jews would not replace us’.

Is it a gross and bigoted thing to say? Sure. Is it an explicit or implicit endorsement of violence? No.

If, by Joe’s own rules, an endorsement of racial exclusion that targets Jewish people is disqualifying and Anti-American, it would logically follow that any endorsement of violence or hatred must be a thousand times more disqualifying.

Here’s the context:

And here’s the video:

For anyone who might want to rush to his defense claiming this was taken out of context (like the Trump ‘very fine people’ hoax was), this was the same even where he was walking hand-in-hand with AOC, speaking about her in the most glowing terms possible.

By his very own definitions, Biden has endorsed the bloodthirsty anti-Jewish Hamas sympathizers. He is as bad as they are and is unfit for office.

Trump, on the other hand, never actually said the things Biden said about him. Therefore, by Biden’s rules, Trump becomes the only moral choice among the two main 2024 Presidential candiates.

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