Donald Trump no longer pledges to support eventual GOP nominee

trump-pledgeDuring a town hall event Tuesday night, GOP front-runner Donald Trump said he could no longer pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee.

“I’ll look at it.  I’ll see who it is,” he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“I’m not looking to hurt anybody,” he added. “I love the Republican Party.”

Video of his comments can be seen below:

Trump also said he’s not interested in getting support from Ted Cruz, who earlier indicated he could not support someone who attacked his family.  He also claimed unfair treatment from the GOP establishment, prompting jeers from the audience.

The Blaze added:

Later in the evening, Ohio Gov. John Kasich also appeared to walk back his pledge to support the eventual nominee. The governor told Cooper he’d like to first see who secures the nomination.

“All of us shouldn’t even have answered that question,” Kasich said of the pledge the candidates took last year.


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