Donald Trump Jr. calls out Maxine Waters, Cory Booker over tweet calling for president’s assassination

On Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. reminded Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., and Maxine Waters, the impeachment-obsessed California Democrat under fire for inciting violence against members of the Trump cabinet, of the hatred their rhetoric is helping to foment.

“This is what happens when people like Congresswoman Waters and Senator Booker incite and encourage hate. Others will think it’s ok and take it even farther,” the younger Trump said on Twitter. “This is the tolerant left. Make no mistake of that, this is how they feel.”

The tweet Trump referred to stated, “I am f**king sick of trump and his minions. Can someone just assassinate him already?!?!?!” (Edited for graphic language)

It also included a photo of a woman aiming a revolver pointed straight ahead as if to shoot someone.

The tweet is no longer available, but the Gateway Pundit’s Kristinn Taylor posted a screenshot of the offensive and threatening message:

Assassinate TrumpOthers weighed in:

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One can only hope.

Media analyst Mark Dice posted a screenshot of similar tweets to illustrate his point:

A Twitter search of “kill Trump” produce this:

That’s just a small sample — there’s many more.

A search of “murder Trump” produced similar results:

This is just a tiny sample of the messages we saw — there are many, many more.  Of course, the left’s rhetoric — which includes the insanity coming from Waters and media outlets like CNN — is responsible for creating the environment in which this kind of thing is allowed.

Taylor said the tweet remained on Twitter for a week, adding that it “says something about the current state of politics” in America.

It also tells us everything we need to know about the modern left.


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