Donald Trump admits he’s no conservative

trump-hydeI’ve seen a number of Trump supporters make the claim that the media mogul now running for president is a conservative, despite the lack of evidence to back it up.  It now seems that those who questioned Trump’s conservatism were right all along, said.

Earlier this week, Trump tweeted:

Ben Shapiro observed:

For those looking for a governing philosophy of The Donald, his checkered political history has provided little guidance. He’s seemingly endorsed single-payer healthcare; he’s said he rejects Obamacare. He’s blasted money in politics; he’s talked about the necessity for government use of eminent domain to help private parties. He’s ripped overregulation of capitalistic enterprises; he’s talked about tariffs on foreign goods. Trump isn’t conservative, and he never was.

In other words, Trump is no conservative, but he is a nationalist and a populist, a dangerous combination as history teaches us.  Some of his supporters agreed:

Actually, no — Conservatism works every time it’s used.

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There you have it.  And many others feel the same way.

Bingo. added:

Trump stands up for America; Trump Hulk Smashes for you. He cares about America, and that’s enough – he wants to restore American greatness, and that’s enough. How will he do it? He just will. And he won’t be held back by any conservative vision of a small government nation founded on individual liberty. Sometimes he’ll do conservative things. Sometimes he won’t. But he’ll act with “common sense” and “do what needs to be done.”

None of this should be comforting for conservatives, but Trump doesn’t mean for it to be. He’s hoping that there are enough aphilosophic Americans to push him forward to victory.

Here’s someone with another set of very good questions many would like answered:

Will we ever get answers to those questions or will Trump just threaten to sue since that seems to be his default answer?  We won’t hold our breath.


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