DOJ Drops Case Against Arms Trader Involved in Libya

Marc Turi is the arms dealer that was involved in selling arms to the rebels in Libya. His trial was set to start the day of the U.S. Elections, but the Obama Administration dropped the criminal case. They handled it via a civil settlement in which he plead ‘no guilt’ and got out from under a $200,000 fine as long as he agreed not to sell arms for 4 years.



The Daily Mail reported,

An arms dealer who allegedly sold weapons to rebels in Libya has reportedly walked free after the Obama administration dropped charges amid claims the White House was worried about the trial showing Hillary Clinton in a negative light.

Lawyers for the Justice Department are understood to have filed a motion in a court in Phoenix, Arizona to drop the case against Marc Turi.

Critics say the deal will avert a trial which could have cast more scrutiny on Hillary Clinton’s private emails as Secretary of State and would have shed an uncomfortable amount of light on the CIA’s attempts to fund rebels who fought Colonel Gaddafi.

The trial was due to have started on the same day as the presidential election, although it would have been delayed by arguments about protecting the confidentiality of some of the secret CIA documents involved.

But Politico quoted an associate of Mr Turi as saying: ‘They don’t want this stuff to come out because it will look really bad for Obama and (Hillary) Clinton just before the election.’

Covering Hillary’s  political butt

This corrupt government never ceases to amaze. The Obama administration is being accused of using Mr. Turi as a “scapegoat” to cover up Hillary’s mishandling of Benghazi, because the weapons provided to him were provided by the U.S. State Department.

A series of discovery motions by the defense had something to do with the sudden dropping of the case, all of which are shrouded in secrecy.

“The US government spent millions of dollars, went all over the world to bankrupt him, and destroyed his life, all to protect Hillary Clinton’s crimes.” Robert Stryk,  SPG consulting firm

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