Doctor Who Helped Find Bin Laden Gets New Trial

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PakistanThe Pakistani doctor who helped the US find bin Laden has had his 33 year sentence put aside and will get a new trial in a real courtroom this time.  His previous trial was held by a tribal council, which is not recognized by Pakistani law. is charged with giving money and medical care to terrorists.  The sentence had more to do with him fingering bin Laden than anything else.

Shakil Afridi has spent the past nine months holed away and kept in practical isolation.  Afridi was convicted back in May of 2012.  He will remain imprisoned in the Peshawar Central jail until his new trial can be heard.  No date has been chosen yet.  Both Afridi’s relatives and the militants deny the charges.  In June, officials lifted the ban on visitors and Afridi was able to get regular visits from his family.

Afridi did an exclusive interview with Fox News from inside the prison and directly after, the prison pulled some of his privileges, including having his visiting privilege removed, even by his lawyer.  Afidi’s brother is hopeful, he will get to see him now.

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