DNC violates federal law at convention

Democrats violated federal law at conventionApparently the law means nothing to Democrats.  On Monday, the Democratic National Committee violated the law at its convention when it aided and abetted two illegal aliens.  This, a post at Dennis Michael Lynch’s webpage says, is in violation of Section 8, U.S. code 1324:

At 8:04pm local time, the DNC invited an illegal alien to accompany her daughter to tout Hillary Clinton for president. During her speech, which was televised on national TV, the daughter explicitly said her mother is in the United States illegally.  Minutes before the mother and daughter team took to the stage, the DNC played a video showing the daughter communicating with Hillary Clinton during one of her tour stops in Nevada.  It was then that the daughter (Karla) admitted to Hillary Clinton that her mother (Francisca) received a government issued letter of deportation.  Clearly, the mother is ignoring the deportation order, and so to is the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

Following the mother / daughter act, another illegal alien took to the podium at 8:09pm local time.  Her name is Astrid Silva, and she said in clear english, “I came to America illegally with my mother when I was 4-years old.  We crossed the river [Rio Grande] on a raft.”

Aside from illegally harboring two illegal aliens, it would be interesting to learn how the illegal aliens traveled to Philadelphia and who paid for the travel arrangements?  Furthermore, where are they staying this evening and who paid for the lodging?

Good questions.  Unfortunately, since the Obama DOJ turns a blind eye to this type of lawbreaking, we’ll probably never get any answers.

But wait, there’s more.

Liberty Unyielding’s J.E. Dyer gives us some information about Astrid Silva, one of those who spoke at the convention Monday night:

We actually know quite a bit about Silva, because she’s a DREAM activist, and the organizing director of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN).  She’s on a DACA work permit from Obama, and for good reason:  she campaigned for him in 2012.  (If I were a betting woman, I’d bet that Francisca’s and Karla’s entrée to the convention came through Silva.)

According to PLAN’s staff page:

Astrid Silva is PLAN’s organizing director. She started at PLAN as a volunteer and transitioned to staff after receiving her Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) work permit. Astrid has been referred to as the “face” of immigration, and Harry Reid’s conscience when it comes to immigration reform.  Her personal story was highlighted by President Barack Obama and she was chosen by the White House to introduce him at a Las Vegas. She is a leader among DREAMers in Nevada and is the co-founder of DREAM Big Vegas, a Southern Nevada organization for undocumented youth. Astrid is a graduate of Advance Technologies Academy, holds two associates degrees from the College of Southern Nevada and currently attends Nevada State College.

And of course, there’s a connection to George Soros, as Dyer notes:

In November 2014, MSNBC reported on Silva’s reaction when she heard Obama recounting her story as the human-interest example in his speech announcing “immigration reform”; i.e., his plan to circumvent duly constituted federal law and cease enforcing it.  Since Silva was an activist in the Soros-sponsored DREAM network as early as 2012, when she was campaigning for Obama – and since she’s “Harry Reid’s conscience” on immigration matters – we can confidently assume that Obama didn’t just happen across her story in 2014.

As Dyer correctly observes, the problem here is the radical progressive left, the Democratic Party, Barack Obama, crooked Hillary Clinton and “on and on down the line,” including the Democrat mayor of Philadelphia, who turned the birthplace of American freedom into a sanctuary city.

Laws?  If you’re a Democrat, laws don’t matter…


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Joe Newby

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