Divert and deflect honed to a fine art

kerry 3“The crime of apartheid is defined as inhumane acts committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.”
– 1998 Rome Statute (the treaty that established the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Yesterday, 80-year old Donald Sterling…tried in the court of public opinion…was banned for life from any and all NBA league activities, fined $2.5 million for racist statements made, and will be forced to sell ‘The Clippers’ all because of comments he made in a PRIVATE taped phone conversation with his then bought and paid for 30-year old mistress. This punishment came after threats by ubber race-baiter Al Sharpton to protest at the NBA headquarters. And while Sterling’s statements were disgusting and indeed racist saying them is NO crime as he is protected by the First Amendment for NO violence against the government or against anyone was made in his comments…brief to the point synopsis NOTHING more needs to be said.

Divert and deflect…so while the media stays focused on and is promoting this story ad-nauseum, real stories about real serious international infractions basically go unreported, and that is what Obama hoped for as the stories going unreported give yet another black-eye to his administration.
kerry 2“If there’s no two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict soon, Israel risks becoming ‘an apartheid state,’” hateful words said by Secretary of State John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry as he addressed world leaders in a closed-door meeting last Friday at the Trilateral Commission.

John Kerry…just his name becomes synonymous with the word ‘traitor’ NOT just for his LIES about his service in Viet Nam and for his to this day close-friendship with ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda, but now for his out-and-out bigoted and hateful words deliberately and maliciously said about our ally Israel on the eve of Yom Hashoah… Holocaust Memorial Day…the day set aside every year to remember and honor the six million Jews…six million men, women, and children…MURDERED by Adolf Hitler and his cronies just for being Jews.

all live in israelAnd what’s even sadder than the words themselves is that Kerry ignores the fact that there is NO semblance of apartheid in Israel whatsoever as all with Israeli citizenship…and the Palestinians refuse Israeli citizenship…whether Jews, muslims or Christians, have the same equal rights and standing under Israeli law. Can’t say that in any Arab country…in any muslim country. In fact, the PLO has announced that in any future Palestinian state, Jews will NOT be permitted to be residents… now that is apartheid Mr. Kerry…that is apartheid.

And these words about apartheid were NOT the only anti-Israel comments that Kerry made while speaking before the commission. This in-your-face hater of Israel actually threatened that failure of the Israeli/Palestinian peace talks could lead to a restart of Palestinian violence against Israeli citizens. This truly vile man looks away to the fact that violence against Israeli citizens has NEVER stopped courtesy of all the rockets lobbed into Israel from his ever-loving Palestinian cohorts in Gaza.

Kerry also alluded to the fact that if one or both of the governments of either Benjamin Netanyahu or that of Mahmoud Abbas left power, there could be a change for the positive in the prospects for peace. If “there is a change of government or a change of heart,” Kerry said, “something will happen.” The man who works for and is loyal to the most corrupt and traitorous government in U.S. history had the audacity to criticize the governments of others, especially the government of our closest ally and friend, Israel.

Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on SyriaAnd with Jewish leaders rightly seething over Kerry’s words, TexasSenator Ted Cruz did the right thing by calling for Kerry’s resignation. Saying, “Mr. President, it is my belief that Secretary Kerry has thus proven himself unsuitable for his position and that before any further harm is done to our alliance with Israel, he should offer President Obama his resignation,” adding, “And the president should accept it.” Cruz said what needed to be said…but something we know Kerry’s fellow Israel-hater Barack HUSSEIN Obama will NEVER do.

And now ‘Mr. Swiftboat’, in an attempt to cover his butt, has said he chose the wrong words in describing Israel’s possible future. Wrong words my eye…Kerry knew damn well what he was saying as his previous comments concerning Israel speak volumes about his true feelings for the now and forever Jewish state. Releasing a statement through the State Department, Kerry turned his ire on Republicans by saying these attacks against him were NOTHING but “partisan political” attacks. “I will not allow my commitment to Israel to be questioned by anyone, particularly for partisan, political purposes…” he said in his statement but NO one is buying this nonsense for Kerry is NOT committed to Israel but to the muslim brethren of his boss Barack HUSSEIN Obama…for a traitor doesn’t change his spots that easily…for the first words out of someone’s mouth are more times than NOT the words they meant to say.

kerry 1In his continued attempts to remove his foot from his mouth, Kerry claimed his words were only an “expression” and “misinterpretation” of his deep belief that a two-state solution is the only viable way to end the on-going conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. But let’s be honest here…there is NO “misinterpretation” of words for these words are NOT unlike his past public pronouncements regarding his military record, which he claims to this day to have also been”misinterpreted.” A liar like his boss is more like it…a man whose words are always carefully chosen for he, like Obama, is a master of subterfuge and lies…a master at blame everybody else for his actions when caught.

And always remember that there was NEVER any real possibility for Kerry or anyone else for that matter brokering a true peace deal simply because trading land for peace just does NOT work. And the truth is that the Palestinians NEVER really wanted peace as they are of the same islamic mindset that wants Israel pushed into the sea…of the same mindset that says we want it all…and John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry was Obama’s appointed man to give them just that.

So while Kerry was bloviating his LIES all these many months about wanting a two-state solution that we all knew from the start would NEVER be had what with Kerry on many occasions baiting and publicly chastising Israel…publicly chastising Netanyahu…about the building of settlements on their rightfully owned land…a final deal with Iran had time to be reached allowing them to continue enriching uranium.

new documentsAnd all this was going on while the media had us focused on both the wild goose chase search for a missing plane and the fall of a wizened 80-year old racist. It will now be interesting to see what the media cooks up for us to focus on next, especially with yesterday’s bombshell that as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit more than 100 pages of documents were released to Judicial Watch, and that among these documents was a September 14, 2012, e-mail from Ben Rhodes (an assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for strategic communications) showing that one of the Obama administration’s primary communications goals after the September 11th attack on Benghazi was “to underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

But that story my friends is for another day.


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