Disappearing into the Twilight Zone

missing-plane5Everybody loves a good mystery but some mysteries are just too eerie for words.

An unscheduled U-turn as the plane’s transponder stopped sending identifying codes before it disappeared from radar, just happened to occur at the exact same time flight controllers lost contact with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

A state-of-the-art two engine jetliner holding about 85,000 pounds of jet fuel …a jet with a wing span of nearly 200 feet, a length of more than 209 feet, and 65 feet from belly to the top that can travel 7000 miles non-stop flew low for hundreds of miles…flew below the radar for over an hour after the sudden turn and headed towards the Malacca Strait between Indonesia and Malaysia hundreds of miles off its scheduled flight path. Could all this mean that someone in the cockpit might have deliberately steered the plane away from its intended destination (Beijing) NOT to crash it but to hijack it and land it somewhere…but where and why.

And why were cell phones…according to family members…still ringing after contact with the plane was lost and still even today some show up as active…were networks ‘searching’ for the devices or were people trying to call out.

missing-plane6Or is this disappearance all about mechanical failure…a crack in the skin of the plane leading to a catastrophic sudden decompression of the flight deck…well if so then where is the debris…where is the black box (the voice and data recorders). It’s almost like the sky swallowed the jet whole…a Far East version of the Bermuda Triangle if you will.

Is this Amelia Earhart’s ghost coming back to haunt for NO evidence this plane hit the water has been found to date, and that allows for the conspiracy theorists, the layman, and the experts free reign to run theories and guesses amok.

Was this a hijacking with echoes of 9/11 at its heart, for could the plane have been hijacked and the passengers killed for the plane itself. And really think this through…once taken and landed in a ‘friendly’ county could the plane have been put into ‘cold storage’ so to speak for later use as a targeted missile against U.S. interests overseas…against the U.S. mainland itself…or Tel-Aviv perhaps…a scary possibility that boggles the mind.

Or could there have been ‘something’ in the cargo hold that someone might have wanted that was worth stealing a plane for…could a meteor have hit the plane…or maybe this was a political hijacking to make a statement but then why has NO ransom monies yet been demanded or NO statement of admission been issued.

missing-plane7But when forty-two ships and 39 planes from 12 countries go searching for 227 passengers and 12 crew members who just vanished into thin air any scenario becomes a possibility.

And while this incident is somewhat reminiscent of Air France Flight 447…the flight that plunged into the Atlantic on June 1, 2009, killing all 228 people on board that took four intensive searches over two years to locate deep under the ocean both the bulk of the wreckage and most of the bodies…the flight where the final ‘incident report’ found that the pilots failed to respond “effectively” to problems with the plane’s speed sensors or to correct its trajectory when things first started to go wrong…Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 raises more than the usual questions because of the disturbing last minute addition to the flight manifest of two Iranian passengers with stolen passports and one-way tickets.

Terrorism…a word some fear to say…a word Obama dismisses every chance he gets yet a word that must be considered for on this flight in addition to the two Iranians were 20 electronic engineers who all worked for the same company…a company that designs and manufactures electronic weaponry for the U.S. Department of Defense including…are you ready for this…weaponry that allows planes and ships to ‘disappear’…as in fly below the radar.

missing-plane3But when all is said and done, is it possible the plane continued on the veered off heading flying across the Bay of Bengal and India into Pakistan or Iran. Anything is possible in today’s world…and with most of those on the flight being Chinese, ‘suddenly’ late yesterday afternoon the Chinese government announces…days after our government announced that U.S. spy satellites did NOT detect any air explosions when the plane disappeared…that a Chinese satellite had “observed a suspected crash area at sea.” Releasing pictures taken last Sunday of three objects east of the projected flight path that might be parts of Flight 370…released after the search area was expanded to cover 27,000 square nautical miles…is just a little too coincidental for comfort.

And while the sea searches continue everyone is forgetting to look at dry land as the possible crash…or landing…site.

So with NO definitive answers five plus days after the crash maybe this is ‘Lost’ revisited…if you believe a plane can cross a time continuum as per the DARMA initiative that is…but hey…NO matter as your guess is as good as mine….as good as all the other ‘theories’ circulating in cyberspace that is.


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