Dingy Harry Reid blames George W. Bush for resurgent al-Qaeda in Iraq

dingy harryIt’s official.  George W. Bush is the most powerful president in history.  He’s so powerful that he can control things that happen five years after officially being in office.  Or so claims “Dingy” Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader.

Seriously — that’s what the Nevada Democrat claimed in a tweet issued Thursday:

Actually, it takes a lot of gall for Dingy Harry to say this, but then one must remember this is the man who shut down the government because he was too pig-headed to let Republican ideas be considered on the floor of the Senate.

Twitchy noted:

In 2012, President Obama campaigned on taking credit for ending the war in Iraq. Now that things appear to be sliding backwards, with Al Qaeda holding the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi, Harry Reid seems to want to make the end of the Iraq war all about Bush.

Not everyone went along with Reid’s outlandish assertion:

Of course, Reid can always claim he’s just following his messiah, Barack Obama, who spent most of his first term blaming Bush for everything.

Remember, Madeleine Albright told us Democrats would be blaming Bush for everything forever.