Did the federal government tell Amazon to pull Confederate battle flag?

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amazonOn Thursday, reports emerged that Amazon reps were telling customers the federal government ordered them to pull Confederate flags.

Earlier in the day, a video emerged purporting to be a call between a customer and an Amazon rep.  That video can be seen/heard below:

A post at Your News Wire added:

An anonymous user has leaked an audio recording from Amazon.com moments ago which offers “unprecedented proof” that the United States government are limiting freedom of speech by imposing unconstitutional orders on private business’, and trying to cover it up.

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It also claimed: “Amazon.com were ordered by the Federal Government to STOP selling the confederate flag despite previous denials by The White House.”

A photo showing what appears to be an online chat with an Amazon representative also made its way to the Internet:

chat1Taken at face value, the claims seem pretty damning.  So, did the federal government really order Amazon to pull the flag?

Being the skeptical individual I am, I emailed Amazon and got the following response from spokesman Erik Fairleigh:

“We can confirm that Amazon acted independently to remove confederate flag merchandise,” he said in response.

Seriously, there’s enough about this story to cause anyone’s head to explode.  But there’s no reason to make accusations that can be easily debunked.  Trust me — if I find any evidence to refute Amazon’s claim, I’ll be sure to report it.




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