Did left-wing loons in Chicago just hand Trump the GOP nomination?

protestersOn Friday, a ragtag motley collection of Black Lives Matter activists, Communists and MoveOn.org types, many carrying signs supporting socialist Bernie Sanders, rioted in Chicago to stop a campaign rally for GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

As we reported earlier, some even said it was okay to grope female Trump supporters because they’re “white racist b**ches.”  Apparently, they think that will draw people away from Trump.

But one has to wonder: Did these violent leftists just hand Trump the GOP nomination?  And did they just help him possibly secure the White House in November?

Consider: The GOP establishment has tried to take Trump down, and they failed.  They even trotted out twice-failed candidate Mitt Romney.  Every attempt to stop Trump using conventional means has failed.  Moreover, every attempt has only managed to rally even more support for Trump.

Now, leftists have reverted to their age-old tactic: violence.  And no doubt, it’s only going to get worse, if one believes what MoveOn.org told its supporters:

moveonletterIf this letter is to be believed, we can expect more of what happened in Chicago.  Or worse.  Who knows, maybe they’ll actually try to murder someone the next time.

But the effort won’t work.  Liberal violence will not be tolerated and could, at some point, be met with equal violence.  And that certainly won’t help matters.

Incidents like this, however, make me think there are some on the left who really do want a second, bloody civil war in America.

Here’s some video of officers trying to keep the two factions apart:



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