Did Doctor “Make Lawsuit Against” United Airlines?

New video from United Flight 3411 suggests the doctor dragged from the airplane may have escalated the confrontation to maximize any potential legal recovery.

Joya Griffin Cummings via Storyful has posted the one minute video:

Before any physical altercation began onboard the plane, Dr. Dao appears to be speaking over his cell telephone to someone saying “I make lawsuit against United Airlines.”

In the video, Dr. Dao refuses to peacefully disembark the plane, telling security “you have to drag me.”  When the security guard tells Dao it will be a lot harder for him if he doesn’t come peacefully, Dao responds: “No, I am not going.  I am not going.  You can drag me.  I don’t go.  I’m not going.  I stay right there.  They try to do before …. Arrest and go to jail … yeah, I stay in jail.”  The guard questions “You’d rather go to jail?” to which Dr. Dao responds “Yeah. Until tomorrow.”

Guards subsequently forcibly dragged Dr. Dao out of his window seat across two other seats. During the struggle that ensued, Dr. Dao’s lip was injured and he appeared to have been knocked unconscious after striking his head against an armrest before security dragged him down the aisle and off the plane.

Adding to the dramatic event, Dr. Dao ran back onto the plane, looking dazed:

At one point, the man ran to the back of the plane — where he was caught on video looking dazed and disoriented.

“They kill me,” he can be heard saying, blood smeared across his face.

“They kill me, they kill me.”

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The Airline’s CEO continues to apologize for the manner in which the incident was handled.