The devil is in the details

Less than a week after Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif signed the 6-month agreement with the P5+1 in Geneva to freeze part of its nuclear program (while leaving it fully intact) in return for Western powers easing some of the crippling economic sanctions in place against them, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO), Ali Akbar Salehi, this past Sunday said that Iran needs more nuclear power plants…and to that effect Tehran and Moscow are discussing the construction of a second and third nuclear power plant in the southern province of Bushehr…in effect a second and third nuclear reactor which they are NOT now supposed to build
So knowing this how do like that ‘supposed’ real good deal Barack HUSSEIN Obama and John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry got us with Iran…a ‘Fools Deal’ agreed to by two fools who believed what they were promised…two fools who were manipulated and played like a fiddle all while Iran had its fingers crossed behind its back.

Two fools who obviously did NOT read the details or heed the words of Iran President Rouhani who has said time and again that “any dismantling of nuclear facilities in Iran ‘is a red line’ Tehran will never allow to be crossed.” And with the devil always being in the details…NOWHERE in this ‘supposed’ deal did Iran promise NOT to build new plants, continue its nuclear research, or enrich uranium. In fact, enrichment of uranium at the existing Natanz and Fordow facilities will continue at a range of 3.5 to 5 percent purity level as Iran only promised NOT to enrich uranium past a 5 percent grade…which by the way means NOTHING as 5 percent is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the 20 percent grade needed for a nuclear weapon.
And as Iran laughs at the foolish Americans and the equally foolish other members of the P5+1 who agreed to this deal, the head of the Iranian Energy Committee, Jalil Jafari Boneh Khalkhal, told the Fars News Agency that the second and third plants will be similar to the existent Bushehr facility…a facility which came online with help from Russia who will provide fuel for it through 2021…but that the new plants will be built with even higher ‘safety standards.’Higher safety standards my eye…harder for the Israelis to takeout is more like it.Saying Iran should produce 150 tons of nuclear fuel to supply five nuclear power plants, IAEO’s Salehi added that the two new plants…with construction set to begin on March 21, 2014 which marks the new Iranian calendar year 1393…would help the country reduce its carbon emissions and its consumption of oil. One has to laugh at the absurdity of those words for Iran has an almost endless supply of oil and its carbon footprint is quite small.

NO…these new ‘supposed’ nuclear electricity plants are just a ruse…a front…for Iran’s continuing of its goal to get a nuclear bomb.

And isn’t it odd that the existing operational Bushehr nuclear plant (in fact the Bushehr site itself is capable of holding six power reactors and Tehran has identified 16 additional sites throughout the country suitable for other atomic plants) was NOT addressed in the Geneva nuclear deal as this plant is capable of producing plutonium, another type of nuclear fuel that could provide Iran an alternate way to a nuclear weapon. And because the deal was but a ‘framework’ that still must be finalized…as per the Obama White House…Iran technically can still continue its nuclear activities while final details are worked out, because there was NO mechanism put in place to prevent Iran from continuing to pursue its nuclear ambitions.

And here’s a little goodie…at this point denied by our State Department (like we can believe what they say) but nevertheless reported on in Kuwait’s Al-Jarida newspaper and disseminated by the Islamic Republic News Agency…a little goodie that Barack HUSSEIN Obama wants to be the first US president since Jimmy Carter’s visit before the 1979 Iranian Revolution and hostage crisis to visit Iran and that he wants to go before mid-2014, and is just waiting for an official invite from President Rouhani.

Guess he wants to be there in time to help his islamic brethren break ground on their two new nuclear plants it seems.

And what does Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu say to all this…especially to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif saying that any and all future discussions about Iran’s ‘supposed’ nuclear ambitions and right to nuclear power must leave out Israel, because Iran will NOT attend a meeting with a state that is headquartered in Jerusalem.

“The largest darkness that threatens the world today is a nuclear Iran,” the Times of Israel quoted Netanyahu as saying. “We are bound to do all we can to prevent this darkness. If possible, we will do this diplomatically. If not, we will act as a light unto the nations.”

And I think that says it all for Benjamin Netanyahu’s words always speak ‘the truth’ and he has the courage to stand by his convictions…by his words…something the two fools in DC that have allowed Iran NOT only to get the deal of the century but have allowed Iran to actually call the shots…know NOTHING about.


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