Desperation: Lena Dunham takes pants off to get liberal base to polls

lena_dunham-300x300There’s desperate and then there’s this.

Seems Lena Dunham is so into the whole “Get out the Vote” thing she decided to take her pants off to encourage Democrats to vote in November.

As part of a “Rock the Vote” video, Dunham decided to prance around in her underwear.  And trust me, this is not pretty:

And that’s being kind, in my humble opinion.

I agree.  But if you’re a glutton for punishment, here’s the video.  You’ve been warned:

By the way, Dunham is the one who compared first-time voting to losing one’s virginity during the 2012 election.  Seriously.  Personally, I’d rather she keep her clothes on, but remember, this is the type of person the low-information left listens to…


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