DeSantis Vs. Hochul Exposes Where The Political Division TRULY Lies In The US (Video)

The contrast in these two brief clips couldn’t be more stark.

One governor said that the elected Representatives and voters in the state that don’t agree with the ruling party should “get out” the other said that once you’re elected, you have to govern all the voters in your state — even the ones that don’t agree with you.

You get three guesses to guess which governor said what and the first two don’t count.

Here is the unelected Governor of New York telling Trump supporters to leave the state because they’re “not New Yorkers” because they don’t share the same values.

Pretty bold for a woman who is only in her position because her boss couldn’t keep his hands to himself when it came to the ladies… even though he should’ve been ousted for the unnecessary COVID death toll among the elderly and vulnerable because of his insane nursing home order and refusing to use the emergency Javits Center pop-up hospital or the USNS Comfort Hospital ship provided by the Trump administration.

Contrast that with this clip of Florida’s duly-elected Governor Ron DeSantis who was asked about the divisive rhetoric from Hochul.

Gee, imagine not tossing verbal daggers at people who vote differently from you! Democrats should take notes on that speech from DeSantis if they actually want “unity.”

The problem is that “unity” for the Democrats means that Republicans should simply embrace the left’s worldview, conform to whatever progressive whims are fashionable at the moment, and basically cease to be conservatives at all.

They want a GOP that dances to their tune. They don’t like the grassroots populism in the GOP that is making Republican politicians actually give a damn about what the base thinks. We’re tired of the constant squishing to the Democrats and losing both political and cultural battles.

When Trump came along, what he said was refreshing to vast swaths of the GOP base — secure the Southern border and deal with the drug smuggling, human trafficking, and other horrors as a result, stop shipping jobs overseas, committing to the pro-life position, focusing on the trades, stop treating Iran like it’s not a terror threat, and stop using our military might to be the backup for countries that underfund their own miliary in order to have robust social programs — and that’s just to name a few things.

All of that is apparently anathema to Democrats.

Instead, Democrats constantly vilify Republicans as evil and somehow ideologically identical to the Third Reich.

Despite President Joe Biden trying to brand himself as some sort of great uniter, he recently called half the country’s voters “semi-fascist” for supporting the other guy in the last Presidential election.

The guy who promised “unity” is constantly using this sort of divisive rhetoric.

At a rally on Thursday night, a wide-eyed Joe Biden gave a fiery speech where he slammed Republicans who supported Trump — which is still the majority of the GOP — as violent and anti-democratic, “sexist” for not wanting to continue the slaughter of unborn babies, and said that the “very survival of the planet” is on the ballot.

Here is former White House Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany on Outnumbered discussing this show of “Biden unity.”

What exactly does “semi-fascism” mean? Who the hell knows?

Neither the clueless President nor his equally clueless spokes-muppet are willing to define it.

It’s pretty clearly a smear that the Biden admin is rolling out to replace Hillary’s “basket of deplorable” and Biden’s attempted pejorative “ultra MAGA” that completely backfired because it sounded cool.

When Democrats caterwaul about how the GOP is stoking the political division in the country, tell them to actually listen to what Democrats like Biden, Hochul, Rep. Maxine Waters, and others have said publicly. Then tell them to look in the mirror and see if they’re contributing to it.

As Jesus said, you can’t take the splinter out of your brother’s eye until you’ve dealt with the log in your own.

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