DeRay McKesson of Black Lives Matter in Paris


As luck would have it, DeRay McKesson of Black Lives matter just happened to be in Paris during the terror attack perpetrated by Islamic extremists.  But of course, that is not the way he saw it.  He was interviewed by Rush Limbaugh.

RL:  DeRay, what do you think about the events of today?

DM:  Well, I see the pigs in Paris are as bloodthirsty as they are in the racist United States of America.

RL:  What do you mean by that, DeRay?

DM:  I wouldn’t expect a racist like you who wallows in his white privilege to understand.  But look what happened here today.  The police killed at least 158 and wounded another two hundred.  To make it worse, everyone of them had their hands in the air and was trying to surrender.

RL:  No, the terrorists killed all of those people.

DM:  That’s what the police want you to think.  The truth is the police shot the concert goers in hopes of blaming it on those poor innocent Muslims, so they could use it as an excuse to deport them.

RL:  No, they terrorists shot them.  There are witnesses.  If they didn’t do the shooting, explain why they had guns and took hostages.

DM:  There you go.  Making up stories.  Here’s what really happened.  These innocent Muslims were heading over to the concert hall because they heard they were screening an internet movie that mocked Allah.  Naturally, they were planning to go over there and complain peacefully.  When they got there, they found out they were wrong and were on their way out of the concert hall, when the police came in and started spraying bullets everywhere.

Being the good upright citizens that they were, they started rounding up people to protect them from the police.  Someone saw their humanitarian act and offered them the assault rifles he just happened have with him.  Another man gave them his suicide vests he had been saving to use on himself when he found out French television would no longer be running reruns of I Love Lucy.

Valiantly, they fought to save the people they had gathered for their protection, but the police were determined and burst in on them and shot them dead just because they had knocked over a convenience store on the way over to the concert hall, when one of the men realized he was out of clove cigarettes.

RL:  Do you really think anyone will believe you?

DM:  Why not”  They believed that white boy, Shaun King was black.

RL:  No one will believe this explanation.

DM:  Nonetheless, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Hi.  I’m George Soros and I approved of this message.  In fact, I paid for it.

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