Denver Post says Arapahoe High School shooter a socialist, later scrubs reference

Arapahoe1This is why I refer to the so-called “mainstream media” as the Democrat-media complex.

On Friday, the Denver Post cited a classmate of Karl Pierson, the alleged Arapahoe High School shooter, who called Pierson a “very opinionated Socialist.”  But a few hours later, the Post removed all references to Pierson being a socialist.

Examiner reported Saturday morning:

The Post said Pierson described himself as a “Keynesian” on Facebook who mocked Republicans and had outspoken views on a variety of topics — including guns.

Two other seniors who reportedly knew Pierson said he had political views that were “outside the mainstream,” but, the Post added, they did not elaborate.

One student, however, did elaborate, and the Post cited him.

“Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with the gunman, described him as a very opinionated Socialist,” the Post said.

But, as Examiner reported later, the reference was changed:

Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with Pierson, described him as very opinionated.

So, how did Pierson go from being a “very opinionated Socialist” to just being “very opinionated”?

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And why would the Post see fit to keep that from the public?

Good questions, but don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer.

A post at Bearing Arms put it bluntly:

“It’s always about protecting the narrative, and defending the party, comrades.”

Twitchy posted screen captures of the Post article both before and after the edit:

Incidents like this are the reason a vast majority do not trust today’s news media.