Denver Antifa Attacks Western Conservative Summit. Something Worse May Be Coming

Denver, CO – As we’ve reported before, Denver has a large contingent of Antifa Communists. They pre-planned a “protest” on June 18-19 against the annual Western Conservative Summit, which was held at the Hyatt Regency Denver and sponsored by the Colorado Christian University Institute. But their actions and the focus of the Biden Administration are taking us down a path that will ultimately destroy America, and lead us into totalitarianism.

western conservative summit
Screenshot via Twitter video

Note the statement “Nazi Scum off our streets.” The idea that all Conservatives are “Nazi scum” is one promulgated by Antifa, the Democrats, Joe Biden, and the rest of the Marxist, radical left – including elements of the FBI. During the Obama administration, he managed to carefully flip the Federal agencies to narratives regarding “domestic terrorism and the rise of the far right.” Under Biden, that narrative is now out of control.

Antifa activists brought chaos as they descended on the weekend’s annual Western Conservative Summit in Denver, drawn by favorite targets such as Oregon journalist Andy Ngo and Rep. Lauren Boebert, Colorado Republican.

Videos posted by Mr. Ngo and The Blaze’s Elijah Schaffer showed multiple fights, including a brawl between a man who confronted dozens of protesters outside the Hyatt Regency Denver, site of the two-day conference hosted by the Centennial Institute.

Protesters, some with bullhorns, harassed people entering and exiting the hotel. Activists blocked traffic, prompting one driver to jump out of her car and accuse them of throwing a water bottle at her vehicle. Others chanted “Boebert’s bitch boys” at a line of police outside the venue.

Antifa view events like this and even just this speech as extremely threatening to them, which is why they’ve organized the so-called protests outside,” said Mr. Ngo in his Saturday appearance

Antifa activists continued their antics into Saturday, yelling profanities at police as officers lined up outside the hotel to protect attendees as they left the conference, as shown on video.

The Washington Times

The Antifa Communists commanded hotel guests to “pee on the floor” of the Hotel to show their solidarity.

Violence is part and parcel for Antifa. They are Anarchist/Communist and their “message” is designed to destroy any semblance of unity in America. And the Biden Administration’s “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism” is making it worse. The agitators at the Western Conservative Summit were only the beginning of problems.

The National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism redefines the terrorist threat as coming first and foremost from political opponents of the Biden administration. And it defines that threat as a primarily political and ideological battle rather than a violent threat…

The new strategy doesn’t come up with any new ideas for fighting terrorism. Its ideas fall into the murky territory of preventing terror through everything from internet censorship to critical race theory. Biden is rebooting Obama’s CVE or Countering Violent Extremism program to target Americans in a battle of ideas against “misinformation” and “racism”.

This also defines the administration’s two approaches: indoctrination and suppression

The Biden doctrine creates a phantom terrorist movement of conspiracy theories and misinformation that is as vaporous as the Russia smear and seeks to tie any violence to political opponents who engage in “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories”.

Since the Democrats and their media have defined virtually any disagreement as “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories”, most conservatives can be accused of terrorism.

Daniel Greenfield

Totalitarian regimes slaughtered millions

According to an article in The Epoch Times by Peter Svab, a panel discussion regarding a Documentary on the “woke” ideology, panelists stated that it mimics the “precursor” to a Totalitarian Slaughter.

Gad Saad, evolutionary psychology professor at Concordia University, put forth the point during the panel that people professing utopian goals have a tendency toward eliminating those who oppose them.

“Utopians believe that the world could be a perfect place except for this one group that is stopping the world from becoming a perfect place,” he said.

The Epoch Times

And that “one group” appears to be Conservatives, Christians, and Republicans.

“So when my truth becomes as good or better than any objective truth then we get to this point where the requisite power is applied and therefore we get the kind of authoritarianism and totalitarianism that we saw in the Soviet Union where people were forced to maintain things they knew to be false.”

Michael Rectenwald, retired New York University professor

So, America, that’s where we are headed. The Western Conservative Summit was a symptom of something far worse. The “woke” ideology, the “CRT,” the “cancel culture” all are preparing us for a future… a future none of us will want to experience.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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