Democrats Move to Force Obamacare off the Table for 2014

Bend over and grab your ankles


Beware my friends, the democrats are plotting.  While many conservatives are gloating that Obamacare is falling apart, the fact remains it’s US law.  Delaying portions of the bill until 2014 changes nothing.  And it’s not just the employer mandate that’s being delayed now, it’s also the surcharge for smokers and the reporting requirement which will give people the illusion that Obamacare is cheaper than they thought.

It’s no accident that the most egregious parts of the bill are being pushed out until after the 2014 elections.  We saw the Obama administration do the same thing prior to the 2012 elections.  We can’t let people get fooled again.  Republicans must insist that Obama does not hav4e the power to delay a duly passed piece of legislation from the congress.  Failing that, we need to educate everyone we know about what happens when the delays are over.

Although we should never want to see people suffer, the truth is they will suffer anyway, whether it’s in 2014 or 2015.  If they feel the pain in 2014, that will carry over into the election and a possible takeover in the Senate.

Smokers for the most part are the poor.  The top 10% of wage earners smoke at a rate of 7.5% but the lower 10% smoke at a rate of 34%.  Democrats do not want to lose them come November of 2014.  The employee mandate delay was made in order to keep people from losing jobs and hours, even if it means even more temporary jobs.  The income verification rule delay will keep the upper middle class from feeling the pain, by allowing them subsidies they normally wouldn’t be eligible for.  And besides what’s another 100 billion in debt, compared to the liberals losing the Senate?

Do not post anything that declares the delays a winning issue for Republicans, because quite frankly, it’s not.  Urge your congressman or woman to force the WH to obey the Obamacare law.  They passed it, they are stuck with it, good, bad, or indifferent.  Failing to do that, educate your friends and enemies alike, that Armageddon wasn’t avoided, but merely delayed.  It’s  not so much a matter that we need to win as it is the fact, we cannot afford to lose.

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