Republicans or Democrats – Who’s More Loving and Tolerant? (And Who Spits On Who)

Tolerant Democrats show Ami their love (Youtube).
Tolerant Democrats show Ami their love (Youtube).

Everyday Republicans and Democrats show their true colors…

Filmmaker and satirist Ami Horowitz recently conducted a bit of a social experiment to find out which political party is more loving and accepting.

While the conventional wisdom is that the Jackass Party is the self-ordained “Party of Diversity and Inclusion,” Horowitz took it upon himself to see who exactly would put their money where their mouth is.

While the video (below) literally speaks for itself, the staff at the National Review provide some rather interesting commentary.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz conducted an interesting experiment at the Republican National Convention this year. He stood outside the convention area holding an “I Love Hillary” sign to see what would happen. People were a little amused but surprisingly nice to a guy who seemed to be in the wrong place.

When he tried the same experiment at the Democratic National Convention, people weren’t so friendly. Horowitz hit up Philadelphia and stood outside holding an “I Love Trump” sign. The responses were less than kind and it wasn’t long before he was spit up on and called a racist, surrounded by a bullying group of haters.


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