Democrats hold gun control events; Seattle mayor, council blasted on guns

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wants to destroy used police department guns worth thousands of dollars. (Dave Workman photo)
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wants to destroy used police department guns worth thousands of dollars. (Dave Workman photo)

Anti-gun Democrats are holding dozens of events around the country today, according to Roll Call, and the move ties in with a highly-publicized decision by the mayor and city council of Seattle to destroy used police guns, the latest step in that city’s war on firearms.

Mayor Ed Murray and his council cohorts are drawing heavy criticism from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. They may also be in trouble with the Seattle Police officers Guild.

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb called Murray “a gun-hating extremist who is using his political position to wage war against firearms and the people who own them.” The anti-gun former state senator was joined by the city council in a decision to destroy, rather than sell, the department’s used firearms to a wholesaler or retiring police officers.

The Seattle controversy has already hit a speed bump. According to KIRO-TV, the local CBS affiliate, the Seattle Police Officers Guild says a provision in the police contract allows retiring officers to buy their service pistols.

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Murray, a perennial anti-gunner, and the council want to destroy the guns. An estimated yearly average of 100 guns valued at $30,000 could end up in the melting pot if the police don’t prevail. The New York Times, meanwhile, is reporting that eight Senate Republicans have joined with 44 Democrats on a “compromise” gun control measure to prevent people on terror and no-fly watch lists from legally buying guns. The legislation reportedly has an appeal process.

Democrats are staging a day of gun control efforts one week after they staged a sit-in on the Houise floor to demand action on gun control legislation.

H/T Seattle Gun Rights Examiner


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