Democrats have become so much of a farce that they are now beyond satire

In March, the deep thinkers at the New York Times asked via a headline, Is Satire Possible in the Age of Trump?” Despite the usual accuracy of Betteridge’s Law of Headlines — which holds that “any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no” — the answer to this question turned out to be mixed. “There has been no shortage of Trump satire,” asserts author Ben Greenman in one breath only to utter “But Trump satire can be a difficult row to hoe” in the next.

But a new development, captured in a tweet posted yesterday, suggests that maybe satire in the age of Trump is impossible after all. The tweet by Seth Dillion, CEO of the satirical site the Babylon Bee, reads simply, “We really are trying to do satire when we write stuff like this” and links to an article at the Bee titled “Democratic Candidates Announce Plan To Dangle Stacks Of Cash In Front Of Potential Voters.”

The piece would appear to be a send-up of candidate Andrew Yang’s announcement during Wednesday’s Democratic debate that his campaign would be giving a “freedom dividend of $1,000 a month for an entire year to ten American families.” But when you check the date on the Babylon Bee article, you find that it was published on June 24 — nearly three months before Yang’s “fool and his money” proclamation.  In the current socialist-driven Democratic political climate, June’s joke becomes September’s reality.

We see a similar phenomenon at work in a PolitiFact “fact check” dated March 15, 2018 and titled “Ted Cruz (in a song) says Beto O’Rourke wants open borders and to ‘take our guns.’” PolitiFact’s rating? False. Here is their explanation for the rating:

O’Rourke backs a ban on the future sale and possession of about 200 kinds of guns including AR-15-style rifles. But the legislation he’s cosponsoring doesn’t provide for officials to take any guns held lawfully at the time the measure becomes law.

Now contrast that statement with the content of a tweet posted by Beto O’Rourke on Wednesday:

I grant you that this second scenario isn’t identical to the first since at the time of the “fact check,” O’Rourke hadn’t yet migrated far enough left to embrace wholesale gun-grabbing. But it does seem to suggest that given enough time, the current crop of Democratic presidential wannabes will say and do things that boggle the mind if they think it will help them grasp the gold ring.

The Babylon Bee and Onion are advised to proceed at their own peril.


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