Democrats Desecrate Christmas With Hillary Clinton Tree Topper

One Social media user @ameripundit says he “fixed” the ornament

As written by Eric Williams: To help console them this first holiday season under a President Trump, Democrats are now desecrating Christmas trees with a new Hillary Clinton Christmas tree topper. What a better way for a deranged Leftist to celebrate their “Merry Resistmas,” right? Or is it “Money Christmas” in honor of Hillary?

The sculpture features a pantsuited Hillary with angel wings and is being billed to those foolish enough to buy one as “the most presidential of tree toppers” and “the first lady of Christmas decorations.” Well, she is the angel of corruption.

Of course, like Hillary herself, the topper doesn’t come cheap. The England-based nonprofit company selling the blasphemous figure, Women To Look Up To, is charging liberals from $100* for a standard tree size to $950* for trees over ten-feet tall.


People on social media have had a good time making fun of the ridiculousness of the tree topper:

Put this on your tree and when you wake up on Christmas morning, you’ll find a reindeer who ‘committed suicide’ on your front lawn and 20% of your Christmas presents will have been sold to the Russians.

Just like the real Hillary, it’s overpriced, entirely artificial, smells like eggnog and can’t quite reach the ceiling.

Guaranteed to scare off Santa.

It will fall off the tree and have to be carted away in a Barbie van.

For 500K, Hillary will come to your house and sit on your Christmas tree herself.

This ornament should work well as a scarecrow to keep the kids away from the presents.

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So, if you’ve ever wanted to shove a tree up Hillary’s ass, here’s your chance. And if a Democrat you know gifts you one of these figures as a sad joke this Christmas, remember, it works perfectly as a target at the range too.

***Excuses not included.


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (Eric Williams, author)


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