Democrats Cry Foul, Petition State Electoral Colleges to Change Their Vote

Democrats Cry Foul, Petition States Electoral College to Change Their Vote
Democrats Cry Foul, Petition States Electoral College to Change Their Vote

Liberal Democrats are crying foul and are sending hundreds of emails to Republican State Committees across the country to not vote for Donald Trump but to change their votes to Hillary Clinton.

Since the media blew nearly everything President-elect Donald Trump said, taking it out of context, the liberals and Democrats will believe anything given to them by the left and never mind that Hillary Clinton violated national security protocols.

In one of the emails that have been sent, it states:

It is my understanding that you are an elector in the great state of Georgia. If that is correct, you have the power to enact change. I know we do not know each other but I am reaching out to you to appeal to your human decency as well as your humanity.

Since Election day where Donald Trump was announced President Elect; have you been on Facebook or Twitter? Turned on your television or received any e-mails and or text messages with shocking footage or accounts of pure violence and hatred? A Donald Trump presidency has already turned our society into a place where hate and bigotry is allowable and acceptable. The hateful speech and ideology that Donald Trump used to gain popularity is demoralizing, dehumanizing and downright degrading to mankind.

I fear for the loss of our inalienable rights to minorities and the marginalized people in our country. I fear for my countrymen’s basic safety and right to live.

We as a country are better than this. I implore you to see reason Nancy, that come December 19th you will use your power to switch your vote and cast it for Hillary Clinton in place of Donald Trump. Please. There is only so much that I can do, I need help and I truly believe that we are Stronger Together. I know that we, as a country, have our share of differences but impressing change through force and violence cannot be the way.

Maybe you disagree with me. Perhaps you won’t see or read this e-mail. If you have? Please choose kindness and hope and compassion. Please Nancy, I will forever be indebted to you and to others like you who saw America for more than what Tuesday’s outcome says she is. “America is great because America is good; and if America ever ceases to be good, she will no longer be great.” -Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis de Tocqueville, Mickey-Mouse, and other real or fake characters signatures were on nearly all of the emails that were sent.

In Georgia, in about six weeks, all 16 of Georgia’s Republican Electoral College members will gather at the secretary of state’s office inside the Capitol to cast ballots for president.

Channel 2 political analyst, Bill Crane, told investigative reporter Aaron Diamant, “Even though Georgia is one of 21 states that allows its electors to go against the state’s popular vote, Crane warns that changing those votes is highly unlikely. There’s not much chance of 50 or more electors, given that they typically are among the party’s most loyal members and donors, former RNC and DNC members, that they’ll make that switch.”

As has been in the news across the nation, BLM, Hispanics, and others have been protesting and in some cases, rioting and attacking anyone they think were Trump supporters… which is the standard operation when Democrats cannot get their way.

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