Democratic Rep Chaka Fattah Under Indictment on Racketeering

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ChakaDemocratic Rep. Chaka Fattah has been indicted for bribery, money laundering and theft.  The investigation began after Fattah lost his race for mayor of Philadelphia.

His campaign had taken out a loan for 1 million dollars from a friend at no interest.  After he lost the campaign, Fattah handed over the $400,000 he had not spent.  He then made arrangements with four co-conspirators to pay the other half from a charitable institution that Fattah controlled and that received federal funds.  To hide the payment, Fattah and his alleged accomplices made up phony bills to explain the missing money.

Special Agent in Charge Akeia Conner of the IRS told a press conference:

“Public corruption by our elected officials and their associates undermines the American public’s confidence in our government.  When our elected officials and their associates violate the law and create sophisticated financial schemes to enrich themselves, the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation, will work diligently with our fellow law enforcement partners to restore the public’s trust.”

[Editor’s note: This is the same Chaka Fattah who wanted the House to disavow Bill Clinton’s impeachment.]

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