Democratic Plantation Disorder rears its ugly head

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970466_552673464799926_1127296949_nBefore Stockholm had its own stick-up syndrome, and prior to Georges de la Tourette figuring out frenzied foul-mouthed Frenchies, the Democratic Party has long ago planted the seeds of the DPD (Democratic Plantation Disorder) in the minds of more than a few blacks.

This particular phrase was made famous in 2011 by former Florida Republican Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West (US Army, Retired) and also by former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. Not exactly voicing their opinions in a politically correct manner, both men slammed the Jackass Party for purposefully programming blacks for decades to trade their votes for government subsidized food, housing, utilities and health care.

And if the truth of the matter isn’t enough to be a burr under the Democratic saddle, the fact that both men are not only of West Equatorial African heritage, but are also descendants of slaves must be fingernails on a chalkboard to Democratic strategists.

While never specifically referring to DPD, North Carolina sisters and Youtube sensations Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known by their nomes de internet of Diamond and Silk, have hardly kept secret their decisions to dump the Dems.

The duo have made abundantly clear that they’ve grown weary of the Democratic Party not only taking blacks for granted. Both have announced that not only have they changed party affiliation to the GOP, but are also quite vocal and prolific supporters of Donald Trump.

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Speaking of The Donald, NewsMax TV host and guerrilla journalist Dennis Michael Lynch took it upon himself to conduct the proverbial man on the street interview with a demonstrating black gent who happened to have some rather incendiary things to say about the Republican frontrunner.

Sadly for said protester, accusations aren’t quite the same as guilt.

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