A Democratic budget dressed in RINO red

“In divided government, you don’t always get what you want,” said Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee and co-author of the new bi-partisan budget deal.

Reaching a deal a month before the January 15th deadline when existing funding to operate many federal programs runs out, the Paul Ryan/Patty Murray bi-partisan $85 billion budget accord in a word ‘stinks.’  And it ‘stinks’ big time for this deal removes spending constraints and cuts which when announced brought a smile to Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s face as he urged Congress to hurry up and pass it…and that in and of itself should tell you just how bad this deal really is.

And while I believe Paul Ryan, in his heart, did NOT want Republicans to be blamed for yet another messy government shutdown as we head into the 2014 mid-term elections, this deal was still a sell-out…sort of the budget equivalent of the deal we just gave Iran as Ryan…channeling his inner John Kerry…willfully put aside our conservative fiscal core beliefs getting ‘We the People’ nothing in return except avoiding the looming January 15th government shutdown that actually should NOT be avoided but welcomed…for this Obama government simply does NOT work

And as expected, this deal was heralded by House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor. But it still rightly faces a challenge from true Conservative Republicans and TEA Party supporters in the House, and if it’s to be passed it does need support from the Democratic House minority.

“It makes sure that we don’t lurch from crisis to crisis,”
according to Ryan, but once again the devil of the crisis is in the details for this deal actually allows federal agencies discretionary spending increases for fiscal year 2014 and fiscal year 2015 to a tune of $63 billion over that two year period with NO entitlement savings…as in NO cuts to the freebie and handouts for the ‘sponges’ who are the so catered to future Democratic voters…and affords provisions within this proposal for that very raising or initiating of fees…in other words ‘political speak’ for raising taxes.

Claiming any of those spending increases would be offset by spending reductions…reductions including a $6 billion cut to military pensions thus screwing our military yet again…and increasing ‘fees’ (translation: taxes) elsewhere in the budget amounting to a tune of about $85 billion over a decade…that equates to NOTHING but a joke that hopes to dull the pain of the automatic still in-effect ‘sequester’ spending cuts. So all this mumbo-jumbo simply means is that a miserly cut of roughly $20 billion in the nation’s $17 trillion debt would actually be made…chump change in the scope of things.

The only good thing I can see in this entire deal…and even that is NOT all it seems…is that federal government workers would be required to make larger contributions to their own pensions. But in doing that an increase in the form of a federal security ‘fee’…as in tax…will now be put in place that adds $5 to the cost of all round trip flights…translating into if you dare stick it to the government they will stick it right back to ‘We the People’…and as expected they’ll stick it by hitting us in the pocketbook…yet again.

And here’s a little bit of added happiness that hovers over the passing of this proposal…since this proposal as written does NOT include an extension of benefits for workers unemployed longer than 26 weeks…and I mean the truly unemployed who are out there looking for work NOT the ‘sponges’ …this means that up to 1.3 million more people possibly will be added to the existing 91.5 million people who have already dropped out of the labor force with yet another 800,000 more projected to become unemployed over the next few months.

So knowing all this I sure hope every single word of the Paul Ryan/Patty Murray budget proposal is read BEFORE it’s passed or it will come back to bite for much of its proposed savings actually would come near the end of its 10-year projections as just $11 billion would accrue in the first three years, an amount that will be far overshadowed by the $63 billion in new spending allowed this year and next.

Thankfully, a few Republican Senators took Economics 101 in school, paid attention, and actually understood its principals. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is one of them for as soon as the deal was announced he denounced said deal by saying, “This budget continues Washington’s irresponsible budgeting decisions by spending more money than the government takes in and placing additional financial burdens on everyday Americans.”

And so a vote on this proposal could be called in the Republican controlled House by tomorrow, and if passed the Democratic controlled Senate could vote on it late tomorrow afternoon or early next week. But is its passing a given…NO one knows for sure as some Democrats have now voiced opposition to any and all deals that dare to touch in any way federal government workers’ pension funds (including the afore mentioned having workers pay more into said pensions) without asking for even more sacrifices from wealthier Americans.

And back we go to ‘redistribution of wealth’…sigh…


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