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Wednesday, November 14, 2018


(lt) clearing-traffic-crashes-13ltA Fort Lauderdale FL 05/13/09 SunSentinel. Tom Dickson heads for his specially equipped truck for the start of his 6 am shift. He is manager of the Severe Incident Response Vehicles, their are 3 in Broward County, for the Florida Department of Transportation that patrol Broward highways everyday ready to responed to major accidents. Cameras and sensors on the highway help along with responders equipped with special vehicles and equipment that show up at major accidents to help clean-up efforts move quickly. Plus, more real-time information delivered straight to drivers has become available.
At these accidents, they take control of the situation so that the accident is quickly moved to the side of the road and clean up the lanes so traffic can move smoothly again. Staff photo/Lou Toman, Sun-Sentinel. INTERNET OUT