Servers Under Investigation: O’Malley Shows his True Server Bigotry #ServerLivesMatter

Victims of spatial profiling, two servers serve hard time. (Wikipedia)
Victims of spatial profiling, two servers serve hard time. (Wikipedia)

Prefaced with Donald Trump placing the blame of Hillary Clinton’s woes directly at the feet of Hillary Clinton, Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Tucker Carlson uncovered the curious understanding (or misunderstanding as the case may be) of the law by Democrat bigwig Martin O’Malley.

With his trademark strategy of forcing liberals to stay on topic and not deflect or pivot away from exactly what’s being discussed, Carlson interviewed the former Maryland governor, Baltimore mayor, and one time presidential wannabe.

Carlson had no part in taking the bait on O’Malley’s insistence that Donald Trump is a fringe candidate and a Fascist, but rather that the ex-governor answer the painfully simple question if Hillary Clinton bears “any responsibility at all” regarding her latest in a series of many criminal unpleasantnesses involving the FBI.

During the course of the rather lively interview, Carlson managed to visibly get under O’Malley’s skin.

But wait… there’s more.

The wiley Carlson verbally boxed O’Malley into claiming that it’s not Hillary Clinton that the G-Men are criminally investigating, but a piece of electrical hardware.

Specifically: Hillary’s illegal basement server, aka: The Chappaqua One.

As reported by Fox News, a section of the interview as follows; (Emphasis mine)

“The front-runner in this race is under criminal investigation by the FBI,” Carlson said. O’Malley disagreed.

“The director of the FBI just announced that…that is a factual statement, and your position appears to be ‘it’s everybody’s fault but hers,” Carlson said.

“No, I don’t believe when Director [James] Comey says that he’s going back to look at this other server that [former New York Congressman] Anthony Weiner had — I don’t believe that amounts to the fact that Hillary Clinton is under criminal investigation again. I know that’s what ‘Donald Trump the Fascist’ says,” O’Malley responded.

“I believe she is not criminally culpable,” he said.

Carlson responded, commenting that, if the email server is still being looked at but Clinton is not culpable, then the hardware itself must be under investigation:

“You won’t concede she’s the subject of it. You said instead it’s the server. Do you think that server would do hard time, perhaps the death penalty? … Let’s get to reality. She’s the subject of a criminal investigation,” he said.

O’Malley maintained that Weiner’s alleged sexual misconduct–in purportedly sending lewd pictures of himself to a North Carolina minor–is what the FBI is chiefly investigating in this case.

The former Baltimore mayor added that the more important scandal is whether Trump, who he called a “fringe, third-party, fascist candidate”, is allegedly aiding Moscow in facilitating cyber-hacks of Democratic Party systems.


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