Democrat Lawmaker Melts Down Over Speeding Ticket [VIDEO]

Jennifer Schwartz Berky, a member of the Ulster County Legislature in Ulster County, New York was recently stopped for speeding and during that process, made a complete fool of herself.  She tried to claim special privileges, claimed she didn’t have the money to pay the ticket after she was nailed for doing 43 MPH in a 30 MPH zone.  You have to remember that like all Democrats, Berky doesn’t believe that laws were meant to cover her behavior.

From The Daily Caller

A police camera captured a Democratic county lawmaker bizarrely screaming, begging, invoking for special privileges, saying she’s broke, claiming to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and panting like she’s about to keel over while she received a routine speeding ticket for driving 13 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

The legislator in the disturbing dash-cam video is Jennifer Schwartz Berky, a member of the Ulster County Legislature in Ulster County, New York.

The incident occurred back in May. The video is coming out now — just in time for local elections — in response to a Freedom of Information Law request (and in spite of appeals by Berky’s lawyer to suppress it).

A local news site, Hudson Valley One, has published a condensed version of Berky’s antics:

Berky has good reason to regret her long and whiny behavior because she has to face the voters in a reelection bid.  She has apologized and even gave the officer, Police Officer Gary Short for his patience and professionalism.

It could be a little too little and a lot too late.  Her lawyers fought the release of the tape saying it could have a negative effect on her campaign.  Ya think?  I guess the voters weren’t as impressed as she hoped they would be.  That’s because us plain folks accept tickets that we deserve and pay the penalty without falling apart and making ourselves look like a fool.

More from The Daily Caller

Berky apologized for her utterly bizarre behavior on Friday, according to the Daily Freeman, a Kingston newspaper.

“The video released earlier this week of my town of Ulster traffic stop captured a tough moment for me,” Berky wrote. “Like so many working families, I too face tough times and stressful situations. As a professional, a public servant and a mother, I know my interaction with Police Officer Gary Short was unacceptable. I want to apologize to Officer Short and thank him for his patience and professionalism with me during a very difficult time.”

“I hope to use it to grow and learn how to better represent the diverse working families who reside in the great city of Kingston,” Berky also wrote.

Berky faces the wrath of local voters on Nov. 7.

Her attorney argued that the video should not be released because it might unfairly influence voters.

It’s not clear whether Berky has paid the ticket or if she is fighting it.

I would be surprised if she did pay the ticket.  I would expect as part of the apology, she would meekly pay the ticket then make sure everyone knew she paid the ticket to show she was truly repentant.  But who knows?  She may have paid it. But maybe she didn’t.


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