Democrat Klobuchar Yanks JCPA Bill Temporarily Due To Cruz Amendment

There's always an agenda.

In the grand scheme of Democrat ideas, underhanded plans are always at the core of their actions. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) sponsored a bill called the “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act” or JCPA. The bill would have created a ‘legal’ cartel of media companies to lobby Big Tech for special favors. But Senator Ted Cruz successfully added an amendment that limited the cartel to financial benefits in order to prevent collusion that could cause more censorship of Conservative voices. Klobuchar was so mad that she yanked the bill temporarily.

Censorship on steroids: the Democrat JCPA strategy

The purpose of S 673 was listed as “To provide a temporary safe harbor for publishers of online content to collectively negotiate with dominant online platforms regarding the terms on which content may be distributed.”

Is America headed for a recession?

But it had an underlying purpose, which Senator Ted Cruz exposed by his amendment.

Screenshot of a newspaper press via netchoice.org

The JCPA bill (originally introduced in 2021) died in the House and was revived in the Senate after two years of lobbying by media. On the surface it was supposed to be about publishers of online content receiving fair compensation for their works on social media. In reality, because of the wording of the bill, it opened the door to collusion about censoring voices with which they did not agree. While they do that right now, having it set in stone in a law would be horrific. It would be censorship on steroids.

Senator Cruz successfully inserted an amendment that specifically prohibited such lobbying for censorship and limited the cartel to negotiating financial benefits. Klobuchar and GOP Senator Kennedy had a tense exchange over the bill.

“Senator Kennedy… we’ve worked on this months. We won’t be able to support the Cruz amendment here… If this is in it, we can’t support the bill.” [Klobuchar]

“I don’t understand why,” responded Kennedy. “To me, the issue is supposed to be about money, and not about moderating content, and this [the amendment] just makes explicit what I thought was implicit in the bill.”

Klobuchar’s last-ditch efforts to persuade Republicans were unsuccessful, and the Cruz amendment passed by a narrow 11-10 vote of the committee.

Immediately afterward, Klobuchar pulled the JCPA from proceedings, saying she could not support the bill with the addition of the Cruz amendment, which she said would “blow up the bill.” Breitbart

So she blew up the bill herself by yanking it. It revealed the real reason behind the JCPA in the first place: to give the media a cartel that would have been able to negotiate with Big Tech to censor more content. Democrats wanted more of their opposition to be removed in order to totally control the narratives.  While they currently have a lot of clout, at least it’s not a law that they can censor at will. We’re sure we’ll see it again, and the underlying agenda will still be there.

News would no longer be free under the JCPA

The bill would also have forced social media to pay for news items, which could have meant that your social media accounts would have even more casserole recipes and less content.



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