Democrat Gets 14 Years for Corruption

BOYLAND-web-sub-master675Now, this is one term I am glad to see a Democrat get.  In fact, I hope he goes to a prison that has banned soap on a rope.  Let them see what it’s like on the other side of the ballot box.

Assemblyman William Boyland (D-Brooklyn), has achieved perfection.  He has been convicted on 21 of 21 counts of corruption.  He now gets a free vacation for the next 14 years.

From the New York Times:

William F. Boyland Jr., a former state assemblyman from a political dynasty in Brooklyn, was sentenced on Thursday to 14 years in federal prison in a high-profile corruption case.

The sentencing brought to an end a prolonged legal battle between federal prosecutors and Mr. Boyland, who was acquitted of bribery charges in a federal court in Manhattan in 2011, only to be rearrested in Brooklyn in a case in which undercover agents recorded him asking for bribes.

During the sentencing, Judge Sandra L. Townes of Federal District Court in Brooklyn expressed anger at Mr. Boyland and his conduct, saying that he “clearly had no respect for the law” and that the trial had left her “not seeing any redeeming characteristics of the defendant.”

Judge Townes said she was particularly disturbed that Mr. Boyland, a Democrat, began seeking bribes within days of having been released by the Manhattan court “without skipping a beat.” The judge said Mr. Boyland’s prosecution would serve as a warning to other public officials.

Boyland could have received a maximum prison term of 30 years.  He was convicted of falsifying records, mail fraud and soliciting bribes.  I have no idea why the judge was so surprised at Boyland’s behavior.  Hell, he’s a Democrat for chrissakes.


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