The Democrat FISA Memo Is Out, Confirms Biased FBI, DOJ Officials Broke the Law

The FISA rebuttal, written by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, concluded that officials at the FBI and Justice Department “did not abuse the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) process, omit material information or subvert this vital tool to spy on the Trump campaign”.

However, Tom Del Beccaro of Political Vanguard (PV) said of the Democrat FISA Memo that overall, the memo is longer than the Republican memo. That is due, in part, to the extensive amount of repetition in the Democrat memo and the fact that it contains a lot of argument for their position.

Beccaro outlines a timeline of the truth:

What’s inside . . .

It confirms that the FBI started a counter-intelligence program (in July of 2016) because George Papadopolous said the Russians had emails of Hillary Clinton – presumably those emails were more than her yoga and wedding appointments. That fact that Russia many have had emails about Hillary was known to the FBI prior to the 24 year-old Papadopoulos saying so on a night of excessive drinking. The FBI did not need to start a counter-intelligence program on Trump officials based on that common knowledge.

It confirms that the FISA Court was told the dossier was politically motivated. HOWEVER, the Democrat memo leaves out (as did the FISA application) that it was the opposition Hillary Clinton campaign that paid for the dossier.  As an attorney of 30 years, I can’t imagine a Judge wouldn’t have wanted to know that fact.

It confirms that the dossier was not verified at the time of the filing of the first FISA application – only that the “FBI has started a vigorous process to vet allegations from Steele’s reporting.”

It confirms (at length) that the FISA application was based on the FBI’s belief in Steele – not verified facts. Should an entire FBI investigation on an opposition candidate be based on the allegations of a paid spy? In retrospect, clearly not given that none of the material allegations have been true.  At the time it was granted, however, it remains true that the candidate preferred by certain FBI/DOJ officials was able to start an investigation against the non-preferred candidate on the thinnest of reeds.  THAT IS WHAT THEY DO IN RUSSIA.  Putin makes false charges and eventually jails opposition leaders after a sham “investigation” if not before.  The notion that that should not happen here should not even have to to be said – but apparently it does.

It confirms that the only corroboration of the dossier is the Yahoo story which Steele planted – while claiming the FISA application ALSO made use of a news story that Carter Page made a public denial of certain meetings in Russia.  Yes, as I discuss below, Carter Page was a Russia-file.  He wanted to be big there.  But he was not unknown to the FBI (as the Democrat memo admits at length) and therefore there was no need to spy on him (to confirm the Russian contacts the FBI knew he had) given he had already left the Trump campaign (as the Democrat memo admits).

What the Democrats main argument in the memo?

The memo is clearly trying to argue the facts – it does not provide significant new facts or to refute existing facts.  Indeed, it confirm certain critical facts, i.e. that the counter intelligence operation and FISA warrants were based on almost no evidence. Again, it does not refute any of the material, underlying facts of Republican memo.

The main argument for the Democrats is to claim that the Republican memo takes individual events out of context. That latter point is why I did the complete timeline below – so you see everything in context.


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