Bubba and Barry peg-out the Democrat contradiction meter

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Which Democrat do I listen to?
Which Democrat do I listen to?

Democrat contradictions reign…

Those whacky Democrats just can’t seem to make up their minds.  Should they have American flags on the dais or not? Is it correct to boo a Medal of Honor winner or a retired general? How ’bout just blowing off that whole Moment of Silence thingee for fallen cops?

The veritable cherry on the top of the Democrat ‘s heaping bowl of confusion and contradiction would be the dueling messages put forth by Bill Clinton and then by Barack Obama.

As the possible incoming First Rapist should his *ahem* wife win the election, Bubba informed the drones in attendance at the Democrat get-together quite the homespun quote.

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In regards to the woman who took it upon herself to dump her State Department issued email account for her own home brewed internet server, Bill claims that Hillary Clinton is “the best darn change-maker I have ever known.”


Interestingly enough, Barack Obama gave quite a different message when it was his turn to speak before the party faithful and Craigslist seat-fillers.

In an address where Obama referred to himself 199 times, as Mr. Wonderful was finishing up his self-centered speech he exhorted the crowd, “Thank you for this incredible journey. Let’s keep it going.”


Speaking only for myself… I’m kind of confused. Should I vote for the same Hillary that’s the best change-maker Bubba’s ever seen? Or do I vote for the Hillary that’s going to keep going the past seven and a half years of Obama’s lies, corruption and outright failed presidency?


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