“Democracy Summit” Marred by Censorship of Taiwan…or Was It Just a Glitch?

Chinese media laughed as it appeared that censorship of Taiwan occurred at the “Democracy Summit” last week. But was it censorship or a glitch? Audrey Tang, the Taiwanese minister, was speaking when the video feed suddenly cut out, leaving only the audio. The video feed showed a map that put Taiwan in a different color than China: which would have infuriated the Communist nation. So was it a glitch or was the feed being censored? (Hint: probably not a glitch).

Taiwan’s pride in participating in the event was rapidly tarnished after the State Department abruptly cut Taiwanese Minister Audrey Tang’s feed – ironically, during a panel discussion on “digital authoritarianism” – when her screen showed a map created by an NGO classifying East Asia based on degree of civilian freedoms in each country. As Taiwan is a free democratic state and China is one of the world’s most repressive dictatorships, the two countries appeared in different colors.

The White House and State Department both formally claimed that technical errors and an “honest mistake” caused the feed to cut out. Reuters reported on Monday, however, that Biden officials panicked at the sight of the map and abruptly cut the feed for fear of offending the Communist Party of China.


China was angry that they weren’t invited to the summit and Taiwan was invited. (Democracy summit you know.) China is one of the most repressive nations in the world and has systematically attempted to destroy the Uyghers, not to mention Christians, Falun Gong followers, and anyone else who disagrees with them.

Taiwanese minister Audrey Tang was speaking during the segment of the Democracy Summit on “Digital Authoritarianism.” (Ironic). None of it was lost on China, whose state media Global Times celebrated the embarrassment with an editorial.

Tang’s presentation video being cut and the Reuters report have sent a signal of the real strategic situation of the island of Taiwan. It doesn’t mean much to the Chinese mainland which is committed to solving the Taiwan question for good. But it is a life-or-death one to the DPP authority that counts on the US to survive.

The DPP authority is still lost in the illusion of seeking “secession” with force by relying on the US. It has been spreading the fake belief that the Chinese mainland dares not resort to force and the island is capable of defending itself. Time to wake up! Don’t lose yourself in the illusions. The only sure thing is the one-China principle – this determines “Taiwan secession” is nothing but a dead end and no one will come to help.

Global Times editorial (Chinese state media)

Here is Tang’s speech in its entirety, including the “offending map.”

The “One China” policy is a joke from the beginning, and the Democracy Summit incident is a case in point. Instead of walking on eggshells we should walk with strength like the leaders we are supposed to be. Taiwanese Minister Tang did not lodge a formal complaint on the incident.


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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