Demobilized Military?

Could our military be demobilized? If all branches, especially the Army had trouble receiving replacement parts for their hundreds of thousand of vehicles, could that cause a serious problem?

A small business owner who has always supplied spare parts for military vehicles – tanks, troop transports, MRAPs, etc., told us that all of a sudden the requisitioning from the Military has dried up. Such a situation doesn’t just threaten the businesses who supply those items, it screams danger to the military who might need parts for their military vehicles. Without replacement parts, the US military could become demobilized. And it’s a much deeper issue than just a ‘slowdown from Covid.’


I’ve never seen anything like it.

Small business owner

The US military has used services that provide replacement parts for their different vehicles. The small business owner told us that requisitions for parts took a turn downward beginning in December, but is now at an all time low- from 200-300 requests or more down to just 5. His business is in serious jeopardy and may have to close. But so, apparently, is the US Military. And that owner is not the only one experiencing issues. Vendors for these businesses that provide parts are also seeing a major slowdown in requests both from the Military and the OEM (Office of Emergency Management).

Many base depots have trucks backing up that need replacement parts. Even after a bid is submitted through a complicated process for those parts, they end up rejected before getting into the actual procurement pipeline. So how did we get here? And why wouldn’t the Biden administration want the military to replace the parts on their current vehicles? Is this an agenda?

Joe Biden’s Executive Orders

Biden signed a plethora of Executive orders on day one of his administration, and continues to sign even more. Several of those orders could be the culprit for this problem. But it is clear that the need for replacement parts is an issue that could seriously affect the US military. Is this the government’s way of FORCING the military to get electric vehicles on the taxpayer dollar?

All Federal Vehicles to be Electric– that’s EVERY vehicle used by the Federal government must be electric. (Under the Buy American Executive Order)

Anyone who has a cohesive thought knows that electric vehicles will not serve the US military well. Why? That list is nearly endless, but let’s start with the fact that they do not have a useable range – 75-150 miles and maybe up to 200 miles before needing recharge. Then there’s the fact that there aren’t enough places to plug them in – few gas stations (pardon the use of that archaic term) are equipped to handle the recharge stations. And they are expensive, so many small station owners will go out of business if forced to switch immediately. But none if it is as expensive as the US Military switch to electric.

There aren’t many companies producing total electric vehicles in this country. And switching to domestically created EVs is going to cost a lot of money. Taxpayer money. Biden wants to create a fleet of vehicles with “net-zero emissions.”

The government is a major purchaser of vehicles. However, replacing such a fleet with American-produced EVs will be costly and take time. There are currently only a handful of all-electric vehicles being assembled in the U.S. TeslaGeneral Motors and Nissan Motor produce EVs domestically, while Ford Motor and others have announced plans to do so.


Earlier this year, the US Marine Corps traveled the country on a 5,000 mile journey for training. No, they didn’t use electric troop transports or anything else electric. Biden’s order calls for electric charging stations to the tune of $15 Billion and include 500,000 charging stations across the nation. He calls it a “perk” not to have to go to a gas station. It won’t be a “perk” for the military if they have to stop even more times to find a charging station…that may not even exist in many of the places our military must go. New vehicles like the Ford F150 that have their own power supply are expensive.

The military has 39,200 armored vehicles, 6,200 combat tanks, and that’s not counting the other vehicles that run on diesel or gas, or the planes that run on jet fuel. Is Biden actively attempting to “hamstring” the US military?

Executive Order on Supply chains

Biden also issued an order regarding supply chains under his “Buy American” plans. Currently, the level of buying American is at least 50% for American goods. Biden’s Executive order aimed at “closing loopholes in existing “Buy American” provisions, which structure the $600 billion in goods and services the federal government buys each year, making any waivers more transparent, and creating a senior White House role to oversee the process.” (CNBC)

The above paragraph means that the White House is planning to inject itself into the buying process of the government. And from what our small business owner says, they may have already begun.

The Biden administration has come under fire for making rules that favor certain segments of the population over others. A US District Court judge put a roadblock in their plan to give Black farmers special treatment and white farmers nothing under their “Farm Relief” loan program. Is there a race issue in the parts pipeline as well?

Parts problems are service-wide

The Air Force has forty-one F-35 engines in “Mission Impaired” (MICAP) status awaiting parts due to an engine shortage, according to Military.com. The Navy is able to requisition parts, but only the high dollar purchase requests are being answered so far, according to our source. Will this problem eventually iron itself out…or is it here to stay via Biden’s agenda?

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