Dementia Joe’s Puppeteers Send A Stark Warning: Stand Down Or Else!

As the political/ideological chasm widens across the U.S. to an unprecedented/unbridgeable gulf, it is not an overstatement to assert: The rumblings of civil war can be felt in the air. Thick as billowing smoke.
As a matter of fact, since mid-2021, highly reliable sources within the heart of “middle America” a/k/a “MAGA country” have been ringing shrill alarm bells at this end. Deafening.
Alongside this uptick in noise, what is striking is that these non-related (former Marine and Air Force officers) parties never wavered in their overall assessment: Modern American history is witnessing the Biden regime’s incitement against half of the population, and, invariably, it will lead to civil war!
So, it came as no surprise when he called for all-out war against conservative Americans in his fiery (at times, bizarre) speech on September 1, 2022. Incontestably, the regime is egging on said outcome, and the Mockingbird Media is parroting said tune via incessant, increasingly loud drumbeats.
To said end, leave it to the inestimable political pundit, Tucker Carlson, to drill deep into the crux and core – despite the tarring and feathering hurled his way, as well as towards countless “non-compliant” megaphones. 24/7, one bugaboo after another is lobbed to silence their truth-telling ala bullying, canceling, threat escalations and outright censorship. NO dirty trick is off limits. Intrinsically, “Rules For Radicals” (Saul Alinsky’s primer for yesteryear’s and today’s revolutionaries) are the 13 steppingstones/guideposts followed by major players to “Bring Down America.” Absolutely.
It is alongside this menacing backdrop that a clear and present danger faces the heretofore greatest Republic in the western world – the twin pillar, alongside Israel, shoring up western civilization. As always, Facebook is deep in the fray.
Still yet, before the awaiting disaster is fleshed out, know this: None of Facebook’s machinations are news at this end. This is so because said upheaval – in relation to the social media giant’s out-sized political interference/manipulation – was predicted in late 2016 within “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad” (page 149).
To wit,
Buried in the small town of Quanah, Texas, is William Jesse McDonald, a Captain of Texas Rangers known as “a man who would charge hell with a bucket of water.” Engraved on his tombstone is this: “No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that’s in the right and keeps on a-comin’.”
Imagine the change that could happen if a majority of Facebook’s registered users were to adopt that philosophy. The alternative is far too horrible to imagine, as Facebook now seeks to essentially control the Internet. If you think that things are bad now, just wait five or ten years. Shiver the west’s timbers.
Effectively, it took the shorter end of the aforementioned predictive scale, actually, 6 years, for the above prognostication to ripen to fruition. Such is the tragic, disastrous state of national affairs, that is, the major knock-on effect to totalitarians being in charge of Facebook (the largest social media site on the planet) a\k\a META – as they work (pointedly, since 2008) in concert with the most radical regime in Washington’s modern history. A force multiplier akin to none other.
Back to Facebook’s most dangerous thrust into the political sphere.
More specifically, due to courageous whistleblowers and the incontrovertible evidence accumulated by MAGA forces, inside and outside the Beltway, the heat has reached a boiling point against the out-of-control, lawless behemoth. No longer can plausible deniability be Zuckerberg’s de facto, fallback position – when questioned re outright interference/manipulation in the 2020 election, plus other hot-button societal matters. Atop it all, each and every major election-rigger can intuit which way the (political) winds are blowing. Alas, it is no longer considered a so-called conspiracy theory that Biden was installed, as opposed to democratically elected! In plain-speak, the facts are mountainous.
As excerpted via FOX News,
House Republicans are demanding social media juggernaut Facebook preserve all communications with the FBI leading up to the 2020 presidential election. GOP members of the House oversight and judiciary committees announced Thursday via an open letter that Facebook has failed to provide “complete responses” to concerns over their handling of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop. The Republicans are now telling Facebook to keep all records of their contact with the FBI. “Shortly before the 2020 presidential election,
Facebook suppressed an explosive New York Post article detailing how Hunter Biden used the position and influence of his father, now-President Biden, for personal gain, with the apparent awareness of President Biden,” the letter begins.
Not only that, with the upcoming mid-terms, the timing to hold Zuckerberg’s feet to the fire couldn’t be more acute. Better late than never. Indeed, it is hardly accidental nor coincidental.
Lo and behold, how shocking was it to hear him “get in front” of the biggest scandal in decades, indeed, what amounts to as the theft of a Presidential election, albeit, 2 plus years after the wreckage has been wrought? Don’t be fooled. He is as sly as a fox.
Of course, like all arsonists are wont to do, he put it all on the FBI. Hogwash. Yes, the top-tier of the FBI is as crooked as a counterfeit two dollar bill. As such, what used to be a world-class, premier domestic security agency has been reduced to a weaponized police force for the deep state. Nevertheless, above and beyond, Zuckerberg, from day one, has been all-in.
Coupled with the imprimatur of the red/green axis (as forewarned in the run-up to the 2020 election), Facebook feels free to operate as a government unto itself. Naturally, partnering with all of the retreads from the most radical regime in U.S. history, that is, Obama 3.0, one acts as a shield and a cover for the other.
Sans a scintilla of a doubt, Facebook (alongside heavy-hitting fellow travelers) continuously fans the very flames to burn America to the ground. Much of the evidentiary trails can be found herehereherehere, and so on and so forth.
Inexorably, Biden’s speech is straight out of Dante’s (hellish) Inferno. Satan-like. The American Nero. On the one hand, his “war-cry” against “MAGA America” more than supports the warning bells emitted by the sources within. On the other, the surrounding optics set the stage for what is to come; open season marching orders directed towards the regime’s highly radicalized foot soldiers. More than a wink and a nod.
To reiterate, most ominously, Biden (and accomplices) has “effectively declared war on half of America” — with taking out Trump, by any means necessary, the central target. Read: Mar-a-Lago Police State raid!
Inherently, his take-down would be the biggest coup within their sights. This is so for Trump serves as the heroic symbol throughout “MAGA country.” Message sent: Stand down …. or else. Trust, as the protagonist of the patriotic awakening, herein lies “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Their twisted calculus is: Once he falls ….
Conclusively, could America’s precipitous danger(s) be any starker?

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