Dem. Rep. Jan Schakowsky accuses Border Patrol of torturing illegal children with air conditioning

s-JAN-SCHAKOWSKY-largeDuring a hearing by the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D- Ill., accused the Border Patrol of torturing illegal minors at a facility in in El Paso, Texas, by keeping them in a cold facility.

Silly Democrat. Doesn’t she know the Border Patrol only tortures and harasses American citizens?  Besides, as Breitbart TV noted, it was over 100 degrees in El Paso, so naturally the air conditioning was on.  But to the Illinois Marxist, keeping the A/C on amounts to torture.

Breitbart added:

Jessica Jones, with the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service agreed with the “torture” description and said it was a “way of subduing the people being held.”

Jonathan Ryan, the executive director of the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services took it a step father accusing the Border Patrol of lying about the reason for cold temperatures in holding facilities, which was “to prevent the spread of disease.” Ryan argued their true motive is “to spread this idea that these people are disease spreading.”

Video below.


These people are seriously deranged.


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