Are Dem Attorneys General waging legal guerrilla war v. Trump?

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is one of several Dempocrat state attorneys general mounting legal battles against the Trump administration. (Screen capture, YouTube, ABC News)

Fox News has an interesting report about Democrat state attorneys general who are essentially waging a guerrilla war against the Trump administration by plotting “a flood of lawsuits” on all kinds of subjects, and they are “doubling down in 2018.”

Attorneys general in California, New York and Washington state have been leading this charge. Last month, California AG Xavier Becerra sued the administration over fracking rules, Fox noted, and Eric Schneiderman in New York is going after the administration over water. Up in Washington, Bob Ferguson – who sued Trump over immigration early last year – is now preparing to challenge the administration over off shore oil drilling along the Evergreen State coast, the Associated Press reported.

According to Fox, “The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA), a political fundraising group, touts the AGs as ‘the first line of defense’ against Trump’s agenda.”

While some of the cases have been successful, there are suspicions that this is a concerted effort to needle the administration because, as the Fox report notes, these attorneys general “have made no secret of their disdain for the administration’s policies.”

For his part, Ferguson is believed to be grooming himself for a run at the governor’s office in 2020, succeeding liberal Democrat Jay Inslee. Because of Seattle’s concentration of far left voters, he apparently thinks these legal challenges play well to that voter base. Dubbed “Sideshow Bob” by his conservative detractors, Ferguson seems to love the limelight.

On the national scale, however, these Democrat legal beagles may be barking up the wrong tree. A gradually increasing number of Americans reportedly think the country is headed in the right direction, according to a new Rasmussen poll released Tuesday morning. That survey shows 42 percent of likely voters agree that the country is going the right way, which is up three percentage points from the previous two weeks’ worth of polling. It’s the highest level of support since last April.

If the stock market correction now in progress that has some people spooked rights itself, by this fall’s elections the economy could keep Republicans in charge and add to their numbers. Americans are benefitting from the tax reform package passed in December, and they’re now learning to ignore or ridicule Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s remarks about their take-home pay boost as “crumbs.”

If state attorneys general are engaged in legal actions that are simply designed to distract and harass the Trump administration, it’s a path they may want to tread carefully. Just as Democrats walking out quickly after President Trump’s State of the Union address last week, and the revelations in the “FISA memo” released last week just might blow up in their faces.