Delusional: George Soros-funded John Kasich claims he has best chance of winning

Kasich-foxDuring a prickly interview on Fox News, John Kasich, the Ohio governor whose presidential campaign has received over $700,000 from George Soros and his surrogates, claimed he has the best chance of winning the GOP nomination, despite the fact that he would have to win over 100 percent of the available delegates to secure the nomination.

According to Kasich, the other two candidates, who are far ahead, should drop their campaigns and consolidate behind him.

“Why don’t they get out and consolidate behind me?” he asked.  “If they can’t win in the fall, and they can’t beat Hillary, what are we just trying to do? Are we just trying to pick a candidate to be the nominee?”

That’s putting it mildly.

That explains a lot.

Follow the money.  It’s become clear to me that he’s actually in it to sabotage the nomination process.  As many said, it’s time for Kasich to do the honorable thing and drop out.

Here’s video of the encounter:



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