The debut of Right Side Patriots

we need to talk...cpr radioHi guys…sometimes even in the midst of all the chaos that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has caused our side does win a few small battles, and winning one such battle involves getting our conservatives voices heard on a larger scale.

Our conservative message is important for all to hear for America is changing and NOT for the better. A progressive liberal agenda has overtaken simple common sense as our once centrist country now leans so far to the left that the left can shake hands with the right…and this must end for we must return to the law of our land…the U.S. Constitution…if America is to survive as we conservatives know and love her.

Many media outlets have been utilized by our side to help spread that message even as roadblocks are placed in our path. We post on Facebook NOT letting the Facebook gods, as I call them, stop us even when we’re thrown in Facebook jail…as they love to play their childish games of timeouts, bannings, and other assorted nonsense. And while we do post on the alternative venues, sadly, their numbers combined do NOT have the reach of Facebook. And some of us do have our own blogs where we are free to post as we see fit without Facebook or alternative venue constraints.

And so the truth in the form of the written word does get out…slowly…ever so slowly…but now the time has come as the all-important November mid-term election draws near to blast our message out to as many people as possible all across America and also to freedom lovers throughout the world.

And herein lies the power of radio.

final mikeTo that effect Craig Andresen from The National Patriot and me from The Patriot Factor have now joined forces as we have been asked to co-host our very own radio show.

Called Right Side Patriots, we are a TEApublican …YES…a TEApublican Conservative radio talk show debuting this Wednesday on CPR Worldwide Media. We will be a NO holds barred, politically incorrect take on today’s political landscape both here in America and abroad. The LIVE show will broadcast every Wednesday from 2-4pm EST and CPR will rebroadcast the show Wednesday’s at midnight EST as well as over the weekend.

Our first guest will be Bill Finlay…known far and wide as Wild Bill for America… America’s leading “‘Liberalologist’ who is working to cure liberalism in our lifetime.” And as National Director of Wild Bill’s TEA Teams USA I can assure you this will be one great debut show.

And so while this new opportunity…and it is a BIG one for both Craig and I…will take-up a certain amount of our time, please know that NOTHING will change as far as our Facebook postings, our blog postings, our admin duties or anything else for that matter as Craig and I are dedicated patriots determined to help set our country right again even if it means working 24/7, 365…for our country means that much to us.

We will put up the link that can hook you directly into our show and we will take ‘live’ calls through skype as the show is in progress. We will post all the pertinent info on Wednesday morning. Also, Craig and I have put up a Community page on Facebook called Right Side Patriots where you can contact us directly and can post what’s on your minds. We hope you will go to the page and click ‘like.’

Looking forward to getting our TEApublican message out and hope you will all join us for this exciting ride.

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