Dearborn Free Speech Victory- Court Says Cops Shouldn’t Take the Side of Muslim Aggressors (video)

6thcircuitcourtDearborn, Michigan – June, 2012: A group of Christians were approached by some Muslims in Dearborn who asked about their faith. As they began to  share, other Muslims started throwing bottles, eggs, and other items at them. The Christians were arrested for creating a disturbance. [Ed. note: Article and video of that can be seen here.] The 6th Circuit Court has overturned a lower court ruling that dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Christians against Wayne County. It is a huge victory for free speech in America.

Court – First Amendment can’t be destroyed because of violence

The Christians were the ones being attacked simply because of their peaceful protest at an Arab Festival in downtown Dearborn. The police, completely cowed by the Muslims, cited the Christians for the disturbance when it was the Muslims who started pitching items at the group. Backwards, obviously. All they have to do is riot, and everybody loses their minds in favor of the rioters.

Christians Sue Wayne County for Civil Rights Violations

The Christians sued the County and LOST with a lower court ruling that the County was justified in destroying the right of free speech in view of the violent Muslims. But justice won out, and with this new ruling on October 28, the county is now liable for the civil rights violations of the Christians who were attacked.

The American Freedom Law Center reported,

The 6th Circuit completely reversed a lower court decision which ruled in favor of Wayne County and officials from the County Sheriff’s Office who silenced the Christians’ speech in response to the hostile mob’s reaction.  The case, Bible Believers v. Wayne County, was brought by the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) on behalf of the Christians.

6th Circuit Court of Appeals

The ruling- a huge victory for freedom of speech

The court ruled,

“When a peaceful speaker, whose message is constitutionally protected, is confronted by a hostile crowd, the state may not silence the speaker as an expedient alternative to containing or snuffing out the lawless behavior of the rioting individuals. Nor can an officer sit idly on the sidelines-watching as the crowd imposes, through violence, a tyrannical majoritarian rule-only later to claim that the speaker’s removal was necessary for his or her own protection.”

Tyranny- the court hit that nail right on the head. Allowing violence to dictate response instead of stopping lawlessness shows that the Wayne County deputies were completely out of line. They did not protect everyone, as they claimed in the video, and actually contributed to the behavior of the violent Muslims by allowing them to continue.

Congratulations to the attorneys who successfully argued this case in front of the courts: Robert Muise, a Combat Marine Veteran and expert in Constitutional Law, and national security expert David Yerushalmi.

This is a short video of the original incident- you might turn down your volume, as it is quite loud.

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