Dear Politicians: Who are you, really, and do you care more about the country or your job?

Dear politicians,

I write to you today not as a conservative nor as a liberal. I do not write to you as a Republican, Democrat, nor an independent. I neither tout Ronald Regan nor invoke Barack Obama. Instead, I appeal to your morality.

Do you ever wonder why we have so many problems in our nation for which you are unable to govern a solution? Drugs are rampant. Domestic terrorism is in the news almost daily. Cowards take guns and shoot vulnerable children at school. Meanwhile you toss and turn in your beds as you struggle to put a spin on this thing that makes the other side of the table take the rap for it. What you fail to realize is that this is not how the real world operates.

Let me sum up how the real world operates in this one sentence: As the leadership goes, so go those who follow.

Let me give you a scenario.

We see evidence of back-room deals. We hear words come from your mouths and then see you scramble to try to make those words mean something different only to hear you scramble to make them say the original message again once political pressure is applied. Then, you wonder why so many people in our nation are dishonest and downright untrustworthy.

You say to us, “these are the rules and we expect you to live by the rules,” while we see you not living by the rules that you yourselves created. This is the classic case of “do as I say and not as I do.” Newsflash: the real world doesn’t work that way. Children do as they are taught and raised. Employees follow the mission statement of the company. The nation takes cues, somewhat, from leadership.

NOTE: I’m not excusing all of us rank-and-file. We are in a pitiful need for some self-control, discipline, and well-defined morality. I do suggest, however, that you in leadership may be where this change begins.

Do you even have a clue how much respect you would garner if you would stand up—not with political jargon but in sincerity—and say, “Look, I was totally wrong. I really thought that this was the right thing to do but I see now that it wasn’t. I apologize.” Talk about political power!

As food for thought, I want to leave you with two examples. The first is Biblical. In the Old Testament of the Bible, you can read about the kings of history. Each king was tagged with one of these two monikers when they died: “The king did what was right in the sight of God” or “The king did what was evil in the sight of God.” Here’s the interesting note. More times than not, you see the nation becoming corrupt under a corrupt king and then you see them repent under a repentant king. So, Mister Congressman and Madame Senator, which type of leader are you? Don’t answer out loud. This is a heart matter so answer to yourself and be honest.

The second example is this one. Do a quick internet search for CEOs who were fired or who stepped down when there were issues within their company. Was it the CEO that cut corners down in the quality department? No. Was it the CEO who fudged the books? No. Was it the CEO who ordered sub-par parts in order to save a dollar? No. In those cases the CEO may or may not have known about these issues. But when the issues came to light, who took the blame? The one at the top. The one in charge. The leader who was responsible for the moral undercurrent in the company. The guy who set the beat for all others to play to.

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Here in the real world, people who lead are held responsible.

For those CEOs who stepped down on their own, they understood their place and their role. When they said, “the buck stops with me,” they meant it. They stepped down because something under their jurisdiction didn’t work or was found to be corrupt. Period.

So, politicians, what type of leader are you? When you’re alone, there’s nobody to impress, and there are no cameras rolling, what are your motives? Who are you, really? Why do you do what you do?

Do you care?

Remember, there are a lot of people counting on you to lead us well, to set a good example, to be above reproach, to be fanatically honest and trustworthy. To say what you mean and then to mean what you say.

Many of you have been measured and have been found lacking.

How well are you leading? What moniker will be attached to you when you’re gone? Sobering questions for sobering times.


Someone who cares


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