Daughter Slanders Cops, Forces Mother to Close Coffee Shop

Kato Mele, owner of the White Rose Coffeehouse in Lynn, Massachusetts was forced to close her business after her jerk of a daughter shot off her mouth, calling all police racists and bullies.  The ironic thing is that Mele had planned to hold a ‘Coffee With A Cop’ event that has become popular across the United States as a way of letting citizens and police officers to meet and maybe get a better understanding between them.  That’s when the twenty three year old jerk of a daughter went on a rampage against the event.

Sophie, who works as a manager at the coffee shop and is the daughter of the owner, sparked a backlash after writing that she would never allow a Coffee With A Cop event in the cafeSophie, who works as a manager at the coffee shop and is the daughter of the owner, sparked a backlash after writing that she would never allow a Coffee With A Cop event in the cafe

In a lively discussion on Facebook, Sophie described her views as 'adamantly anti-police'

Sophie’s mother tried in vain to save her business, first by firing her daughter, then she tried to organize an event with the police after writing a sincere apology letter to the police and inviting them to an event at the coffee shop on October 16th.  Not only did the police not come but most of her regulars refused to make an appearance.  Without any customers, she was forced to close the doors of her coffee shop permanently.  Her daughter will suffer because of her arrogance also.  I mean, who in their right mind would give her a job?

According to the UK Daily Mail:

The owner of a coffee shop has been forced to shut down her business following backlash over her daughter’s anti-police remarks on Facebook.

Kato Mele decided to shutter the White Rose Coffeehouse in Lynn, Massachusetts just a week after the controversy erupted, saying she made the decision ‘so I can stop being harassed’.

The uproar started when Mele’s 23-year-old daughter Sophie, who works as a manager at the coffeehouse, said on Facebook that the cafe would never host a ‘Coffee With A Cop’ event and went on to call police racists and bullies in the subsequent discussion thread.

Coffee With A Cop is a nationwide movement to build trust between police departments and the citizens they serve.

‘I will gladly host a “meet an ex-con” or “meet the impoverished minority community” event,’ Sophie wrote in comments that have since been deleted, but copies of which were obtained by DailyMail.com. ‘I’m not going to promote any pro-police event because I’m adamantly anti-police.’

She went on to call cops ‘bullies’ who uphold an ‘inherently violent, oppressive and unjust system’.
The remarks spread quickly across the Internet and sparked a massive backlash, with many who took issue with the anti-police sentiment leaving scathing online reviews for the coffeehouse.
Sophie responded by offering an apology for her remarks on Facebook.

But as the furor grew, her mother Mele fired her from the manager position at the coffee shop.

The online cries for blood continued, however, and Mele penned a heartfelt apology letter published by the local newspaper.

This should be considered a shot across the bow at any business owner who decides to become a SJW or allows their employees to be.  You cannot and should not be able to stay in business when you alienate over 50% of the population.  Just ask the NFL.  I would love to know if Sophie has a criminal record, because it is my experience that most people who hate cops do so because they got busted for something in their lives.

In the end, Mele said this about her daughter that drove her out of business:

‘I would just say that my daughter had every right to say something as stupid as she said, every American has the right to say something as stupid as she said.’

‘I don’t agree with what she said. It is not my opinion.’


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