Daughter of man shot in NC posts live video, said her father had no gun

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Daughter of man shot in NC posts live video, said her father had no gun
Daughter of man shot in NC posts live video, said her father had no gun

Lyric Scott, the daughter of the black man, Keith Lamont Scott, who was fatally shot by a black police officer on Wednesday in Charlotte, North Carolina, said her father was only reading a book when he was shot and did not have a gun.

Sometime after the officer shooting, Lyric posted a vulgar laced live video on Facebook in which she is expressing herself with profanity on how she feels against the police officers who were on the scene investigating the shooting.

The video is an hour long and as the live recording continues, other members of the community and family are heard shouting and screaming at the police.

Understandably angered with sadness, Lyric kept stating that her dad was reading a book and had no gun and said, “My daddy had no m****in gun. They shot him four times and tasered him!”

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WARNING: Very strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Also in the video, Lyric told the police to quit following her, and shouted to them to “give them a reason” to follow her and kept demanding the name of the officer that shot her father. Lyric also stated that her father was disabled and kept insisting that the only reason her father was shot was because he’s black.

The shooting by the officer spurred unrest where looting and riots broke out injuring 16 officers and some citizens. Police in riot gear used tear gas on protesters who threw rocks and water bottles at them as they wielded large sticks and blocked traffic.

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