Dangers to the Constitution: At What Point Have We Gone too Far?

Former bartender-turned-legislator Ocasio-Cortez has taken to bullying members of her own party to get her way. Then there are the Democrats whose ignorance of firearms foments near-hysteria in uninformed voters. Legislation of egregious moral implications is passed by legislators with agendas that are filled with intent to destroy both life and the Constitution. What is there to negotiate any more?

The Pack Mentality – Bullying Legislators to Follow it

Fox reported that AOC told the “moderate” Democrats this week that if they don’t vote with her and the others, they were putting themselves on a “list” and could expect to be primaried. She (and even Nancy Pelosi) are sniping at their own party members for voting their conscience instead of voting with the Democrat pack.

“Corbin Trent, a spokesman for Ocasio-Cortez, said she told her colleagues that Democrats who side with Republicans ‘are putting themselves on a list.'” WaPo

Grace-Marie Turner at the Wall Street Journal wrote on Thursday that AOC “leads a generation of young people to take pride in their ignorance — of the laws of nature, of history, of the Constitution, of the eternal battle for freedom — and still succeed.”

“To take pride in their ignorance.” AOC has never backed down from her own stupidity. Her response to the column in the WSJ?
“I guess WSJ Editorial Page takes pride in their ignorance of our nation’s history of slavery, Jim Crow, & mass incarceration; willful doubt on the decades of science on climate change; targeting of indigenous peoples, and the classist, punitive agenda targeting working families

The only one targeting “working families” is that “green new deal.” To which nearly every single Democrat running for President in 2020 has blindly signed on. Socialism kills everything in its path. Looking backward instead of moving forward has never solved anything in the history of mankind. Truth doesn’t matter to these folks.

Second Amendment 

A Democrat candidate for Massachusetts District 8 named Brianna Wu stepped into a Second Amendment controversy by claiming that she knows about “automatic assault rifles” and has been “target” shooting all her life. So we should listen to her because she says “assault weapons” shouldn’t be in the hands of civilians. Her rhetoric against “assault weapons” is a giant lie- because fully automatic weapons are already banned. She is running for office solely on her “moral indignation” rather than the facts.

Was anyone sending her “death threats?” Not likely. And she is wrong about gun laws. But she is woefully ignorant and her agenda is clear – she wants the Second Amendment gone and the most popular rifles in the country banned. And unfortunately, she is not alone in her views, as we are well aware.

Most of the Democratic party is in the same bucket of liberalism as Brianna Wu. They use deception, lies, and ignorance as tools to get what they want. It strikes at the very heart of our Republic.

Craig Huey of the Election Forum wrote: “In spite of President Trump’s best efforts, the 2018 midterm election results indicate that our culture is heading in the wrong direction… We see attacks taking place on our freedoms and constitutional rights, and they keep escalating…State legislatures – and even Congress – are voting for infanticide and against protecting the right to life of viable, born babies…The media, the education system, and the Deep State are fighting relentlessly to destroy our national sovereignty … and to make our future worse…”

Mr. Huey is correct, and he suggests recruiting the right people for elections. Getting them elected is another story altogether. From celebrities calling conservatives “uneducated” and “backward” to Muslim Congresswomen openly standing with terrorists, America is most certainly not moving in a good direction. At what point is too far away? And what will you do about it?

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