You Dance Sexy, You go to Jail in Saudi Arabia

Acting on a tip, the Saudi Morality Police – excuse me the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice- raided a private residence in Buraydah for “loud music and inappropriate dancing.” It happened during a birthday party… apparently the “cake and loud music” were too much for the ultraconservative muslims.


“Indecent moves while dancing”

The group of young men in their 20’s were told that their actions would lead to “homosexuality” and “immorality.” They were not dressed “traditionally” according to reports, but there was no evidence that they had been “cavorting” with women at the party, or drinking, both of which are illegal in Saudi Arabia.

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The town of Buraydah has many clerics that are extremely conservative in that region of the Arab state, one that practices Wahhabism, a strict interpretation of Islam.

Details are sketchy as to the exact nature of their violation, but one media outlet stated that there were 57 arrests recently for young men dancing to “attract the attention of girls.”  Whatever that means.

In the extreme form of Islam that is Wahhabism, anyone that does not adhere to the extreme behavior and beliefs of the Islamic clerics are considered infidels- even other Muslims. It is one form of Islam that is a ticking time bomb for bloodshed. The fate of these young men for their indiscretion is unknown. But it’s safe to say they likely won’t be doing those dances again, and the birthday party that began as a joyous celebration quickly turned into a dark and disastrous day.

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some people took to twitter and posted pictures of a sword dance to ridicule the raid

 Saudi Arabia: Acting on a tip-off, brownshirts raided a house party & arrested several local men for dancing http://t.co/p5QZeXbhUR

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