Culture war hellion Kat Timpf jumps feet first into ‘trigger warning’ scrum

Small in stature, but large in presence, Kat Timpf. Photo: Youtube.com
Small in stature, but large in presence, Kat Timpf. Photo: Youtube.com

If there’s a correlation between body size and the amount of consonants in one’s surname, there’s a pretty good chance that Katherine “Kat” Timpf would be the poster girl for such. Even if the non-existent #ReallySmallChicksWithHardToPronounceLastNames movement decides to take a pass on the tiny Teutonic tipster, plenty of folks in the conservative movement have already embraced Timpf as a kindred spirit.

Already well known to many not just for her diminutive stature or her signature horn rimmed glasses and crooked smile, Timpf has made a name for herself to viewers of Fox News and also to readers of National Review. Never known to shy away from voicing her Conservo-tarian (Conservative and Libertarian) leanings, Timpf’s article for the National Review on May 10, 2016, leaves little to the imagination exactly where this micro-reporter stands on micro-aggression.

Reporting that undergrad law professors at Great Britain’s venerable Oxford University will now make known to all the precious snowflakes in their respective classes of any trigger warnings that may pop up during the course of instruction. For her part, Timpf holds little back when pointing out the obvious absurdity of the bubble wrapped academics.

As reported, one student interviewed plainly stated, “Before the lectures on sexual offences — which included issues such as rape and sexual assault — we were warned that the content could be distressing, and were then given the opportunity to leave if we needed to.” True to form, Timpf  penned, “This is, obviously, insane.”

Not quite done pointing out the absurdity of shielding law students from the horrors many lawbreakers inflict on the innocent, Timpf noted, “Students are in law classes, presumably, because they have an interest in potentially pursuing a career in law. And the people in these fields — prosecutors, judges, attorneys, etc. — certainly cannot just up and leave the courtroom any time they feel uncomfortable.”

Probably not the type of “America First” Donald Trump has in mind, Timpf also made the point of citing that our British cousins aren’t the initial propagators of protecting the hyper-offended and chromosome-confused on campus. Referencing a 2014 edition of The New Yorker magazine, Harvard Law School professor Jeannie Suk explained “student organizations representing women’s interests” have been so successful in pushing the idea that students “should not feel pressured to attend or participate in class sessions that focus on the law of sexual violence” that “even seasoned teachers of criminal law, at law schools across the country, have confided that they are seriously considering dropping rape law and other topics related to sex and gender violence . . . because they are afraid of injuring others or being injured themselves.”

In typical Timpf fashion, she cuts through the fog of stupidity that’s replaced true education on more than a few college campuses: “This isn’t just annoying or stupid — it’s actually dangerous. After all, rape law’s being too ‘triggering’ to teach will result in fewer people knowing how to prosecute rapists. It’s putting the misguided, abstract idea of achieving an emotional ‘safe space’ above actual safety in a real, tangible way. Clearly, it’s time to wake up and take a look at our priorities — fast.”

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